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    Center Parcs – Elveden Forest Aqua Sana Luxury Spa Suite

    Being that Darren’s birthday is in January, not long after Christmas, his birthday normally comes and goes with not much more than a birthday cake and cards. This year it had to be different because this year he turned forty, we couldn’t let that pass without marking the occasion. We discussed in length how Darren wanted to celebrate his big day. We discussed party options and meal options but with Ethan’s needs and an 18 month in tow we didn’t feel that it would be a very enjoyable experience for us all. Our family isn’t easy and everything has to be planned with military precision. We discovered that the Aqua…

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    Word Of The Week – Forty

    word of the week

    This week our word of the week is as Darren celebrated his fortieth birthday. It also officially marked us being together for ten years as we met just before his thirtieth birthday. To celebrate his birthday we stayed in a Luxury Spa Suite at Elveden Forest Center Parcs. This was Darren’s choice as we discussed having a party but having to take into account all of Ethan’s needs and the fact that we have a very active toddler, we decided it would be better to take advantage of my mum’s offer of babysitting. It was so lovely to switch off for the day, some much-needed respite. We even went out…

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    The Ducks at Elveden Forest Center Parcs

    We really enjoyed our Elveden Forest Center Parcs holiday, it was a much-needed break. The thing that really made our holiday extra special were the visits we had from the local wildlife. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by Canadian Geese who knocked on the window demanding food. Ethan loved it. We had two resident ducks who would be outside our door all day ready and waiting for bread. Every morning we would feed the ducks and if they were very lucky they would get a treat during the day. Ethan was fascinated by our visitors and he would watch them all day. He would count them and…

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    The Elveden Mini Farm

    When we visited Center Parcs we decided that one of the activities we wanted to do with Ethan was the Elveden Mini Farm. It was only a thirty minute activity but we knew that would be long enough for our little man. We arrived on time for the activity and we were able to walk around a look at the animals whilst we waited for the whole group to arrive. Ethan immediately rushed around to all of the different pens vocalizing all of the animals names. This amazed me as I think the only animals we had really seen up close were goats and chickens. With everyone present and correct…

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    Elveden Forest Center Parcs

    When Little E was born things got quite hectic around here and we both said we really wanted to have a break so that we could regroup. It has been a stressful few years and with Ethan starting school in April we wanted to have some quality time with him whilst we could still take advantage of the term time prices. I had heard a lot of good things about Center Parcs but had never really considered going there on holiday before. With Ethan’s love of water we thought it would be the perfect place to get away and also have a break from technology for a bit. We decided…

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