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    Clacton – An Unexpected Daddy Day!

    This week Ethan’s nursery has been closed for the Easter holidays and Ethan has been all out of sorts. It is obvious our little boy loves his routine more than we are aware of. Add that to the fact that Ethan no longer likes playing on his iPad and has more energy than the Duracell Bunny, I have been desperately trying to find things to do to fill our days.  So Darren surprised us and took a day off of work so we could take Ethan into Clacton for a few hours. We have lived in this house for over two years and always visit the sea but have never…

  • Ethan

    Tickles – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

    Ethan has a fantastic relationship with his Daddy, from his actions it is very clear he loves him very much. We have to call Daddy every morning before we get out of bed, as he is on his way to work. All hell breaks out if Darren doesn’t answer his phone, it brings on lots of tears and very sad ‘Bye Daddy’ comments. When Darren comes home from work it is Daddy time and Darren does the bedtime routine with him. They have lots of fun together and I can hear Ethan’s fits of giggles from downstairs. I must admit I was a little jealous of the fun and games…

  • Ethan

    Daddy! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

    Ethan is a Daddy’s boy, always has been, so it hasn’t surprised me that Ethan says Daddy and there is no mention of Mummy!  Ethan did start to say Daddy earlier in the year but lost the word again. Now Ethan has started to say Daddy when my phone rings. He also says Daddy to me when I have my phone to make me aware he wants to call him.  Ethan can sometimes be heard saying ‘Bye Daddy’ and we were shouting it after him when he went to pay for the petrol at the garage one day.  I love that Ethan makes this connection, that he knows it’s Daddy…

  • Family

    Happy Father’s Day Daddy

    To My Daddy,     I know at times I drive you mad with lack of sleep and wanting to hold your hand all through the night, but you are the bestest Daddy in the whole wide world. I know I can’t tell you that I love you but I always show you with my amazing cuddles!     Lots of love, your little star,   Ethan x

  • Ethan

    Daddy’s Rice Krispie Cakes

    Since being at home with Ethan full time I decided that I would try to make something in the kitchen with him once a week in the hope that I would to engage him for more than a few seconds at a time. This has also been brought about by the fact that I have started to buy Make & Bake With Peppa Pig, so far we have only made the cakes from issue one which is yet to be blogged about but if you have liked our facebook page you would have seen Ethan’s chocolate smeared face from that day of baking!  Last week I decided that we would…

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