Tickles – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Ethan has a fantastic relationship with his Daddy, from his actions it is very clear he loves him very much.

We have to call Daddy every morning before we get out of bed, as he is on his way to work. All hell breaks out if Darren doesn’t answer his phone, it brings on lots of tears and very sad ‘Bye Daddy’ comments.

When Darren comes home from work it is Daddy time and Darren does the bedtime routine with him. They have lots of fun together and I can hear Ethan’s fits of giggles from downstairs. I must admit I was a little jealous of the fun and games they have but it’s nice to get some very brief time to myself. There have been a few nights when I have had to put Ethan down to bed, and it isn’t very easy as he is so used to his routine with his Daddy, so I have learnt it is best for me to enjoy my few me time moments.

I have no idea what causes these fits of giggles at bedtime but this week I was let into the secret, and we had a first with Ethan.

We were talking to Darren on the phone and Darren asked Ethan ‘Do you know what’s coming?’ and with that Ethan started to tickle his tummy and Darren said ‘Tickles!’

Ethan has never ticked himself like this and it was such a sweet moment. Darren asked him a few times and each time Ethan tickled his tummy. Now if he asks him in person he doesn’t do this it is just something he has started to do when Darren is talking to him on the phone. As you can tell we have tested this a few times since the first time he did it.

It’s another thing that Ethan has showed us how much he understands what we are saying. Yes it could also be routine but we want to think it is his developing understanding.

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