Clacton – An Unexpected Daddy Day!

This week Ethan’s nursery has been closed for the Easter holidays and Ethan has been all out of sorts. It is obvious our little boy loves his routine more than we are aware of. Add that to the fact that Ethan no longer likes playing on his iPad and has more energy than the Duracell Bunny, I have been desperately trying to find things to do to fill our days. 

So Darren surprised us and took a day off of work so we could take Ethan into Clacton for a few hours. We have lived in this house for over two years and always visit the sea but have never taken Ethan on any of the rides, and he loves his rides. I had already done my research to make sure that we could go on the rides with him as we could not let Ethan ride on his own. 

After finding a parking space for the car, making our way to the rides and debating what rides Darren would be able to take Etan on we purchased the tokens required. 

Ethan’s first ride was a spinning ride, always a firm favourite. Darren span them really fast and Ethan loved it!

It was clear Ethan wanted to ride in the bumper cars, he even said ‘Car’, so Darren squeezed them both into a car. There was no one else on the ride at the time so Darren was able to spin them all over the place. All you could hear was Ethan screaming in delight. 
Next they went for a ride on the horses Ethan said ‘Hello’ to everyone they passed and I was actually able to capture him saying this word on video. I love it when he says Hello, it’s even better if people actually respond to him. My heart melts every time, even when Ethan wakes up in the middle of the night and says Hello as Darren goes into his room to calm him down.
There was also a mini roller coaster which Ethan was big enough to ride on.
All the other rides would have required Ethan to have gone on on his own and that isn’t possible for him to do yet so we made our way to the pier to take a look around. 
Tipping Point is something that we watch together so we took some change for Ethan to have a go on the penny machines in the amusements. Ethan loves the amusements, a place filled with lots of flashing lights and buttons to press, he is in his element. 
As we left the pier we got Ethan a balloon, he loves balloons and we haven’t got him one for quite a while. We decided a minion was the best choice for him as he did like to watch the film Despicable Me. Ethan was very excited about our balloon purchase, he actually held it by its hand and walked with it. Such a sweet moment as he has never connected with anything like that before.
We had a fantastic day and it was much needed family time!

14 thoughts on “Clacton – An Unexpected Daddy Day!”

  1. sabrina montagnoli

    The pure joy on his face! sounds like you had such a fab time. So great to do some daddy son time I love capturing those moments. #countrykids

  2. Such lovely happy photos of Ethan having a wonderful time with his Daddy on all the fairground rides – a wonderful family day out. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      It is great being able just to pop down there and not have to sit in a car for two hours first!

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