• Word Of The Week – Exhausted!
    Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Routine

    The word that sums up our week is ROUTINE. We are getting back into routine, which hopefully means that Ethan will settle down. He is back at nursery and we all sighed a collective sigh of relief as he happily went…

  • Ethan

    Writing Christmas Cards

    When Ethan started at nursery I must admit it was a shock when we were given a Christmas card list. I didn’t know any of the children in his class but I found myself writing out forty cards. The cards we…

  • Me & Mine

    Me & Mine December 2014

    This month we have made two attempts to take our me and mine photos. This first was on Christmas eve taken by my mum, Darren looked very moody and Ethan wouldn’t look at the camera. The second attempt was taken yesterday…

  • Ethan

    Angel Express – Nursery Nativity

    Last week it was Ethan’s nursery nativity. Last year he did so well that I was looking forward to it. I was also nervous of how he would deal with the situation now that anxiety has reared it’s ugly head.   …

  • Autism

    Autism and Anxiety

    When Ethan was going through the diagnosis process I was often asked if Ethan suffered from anxiety. The answer to this was always no. In-fact it sometimes felt that Ethan took lots of things in his stride, something that shouldn’t supposedly…

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