Star Of The Day!

I have seen many posts linking up to Small Steps Amazing Achievements where children have received a Star Of The Week award. I assumed this was a school thing and I secretly hoped that one day I would be able to blog about a Star Of The Week award given to our little guy.

I couldn’t believe it when yesterday Ethan came home from nursery with his very own Star Of The Day award!

I nearly cried because it meant so much to me. Ethan has a star award that we can put on the fridge in pride of place!

Ethan was awarded his Star Of The Day award because he helped one of the aunties go to each room in the nursery and collect the class registers. He then took them to the reception.

I’m so proud of Ethan as this task was something out of his routine and his to and fro book said he handled it very well.    

My little Ethan, Star Of The Day!

18 thoughts on “Star Of The Day!”

  1. Aww this is lovely, well done to Ethan! I think I may have shed a silent tear of pride over this too! xx #ssamazingachievements

  2. Oh that’s lovely. There is nothing more exciting than when you see them coming out of school holding their certificate. It’s a really, genuinely happy moment – that hug and excitement (from both sides) after school with a happy story to tell!
    Really pleased & looks like he’s settling into school really well. Testament to you, too, and your journey to get him this far

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