It’s The Summer Holidays!

It’s official, we are on our summer holidays! It’s something I was dreading, and then I started to get excited about the prospect of having time off to enjoy with Ethan. Then last night the reality hit with a bump! I was expecting the break from routine would push Ethan out of his comfort zone. […]

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Me & Mine November 2014

This months me and mine photo was taken yesterday. I have been keeping an eye on the dates to make sure we took a photo but we just haven’t found the time to ask my parents to take one of us. This meant that I set the camera up on it’s tripod and used the

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Swimming With Daddy

In April I wrote about how Darren would be taking over the job of taking Ethan to his swimming lessons. I was sad about this and also quite nervous of it as it would be a big change to Ethan’s routine, I was keeping everything crossed that everything would go smoothly.  We are now quite a

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