• Autism

    It’s The Summer Holidays!

    It’s official, we are on our summer holidays! It’s something I was dreading, and then I started to get excited about the prospect of having time off to enjoy with Ethan. Then last night the reality hit with a bump! I…

  • word of the week
    Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Routine

    The word that sums up our week is ROUTINE. We are getting back into routine, which hopefully means that Ethan will settle down. He is back at nursery and we all sighed a collective sigh of relief as he happily went…

  • Me & Mine

    Me & Mine November 2014

    This months me and mine photo was taken yesterday. I have been keeping an eye on the dates to make sure we took a photo but we just haven’t found the time to ask my parents to take one of us.…

  • Ethan

    Swimming With Daddy

    In April I wrote about how Darren would be taking over the job of taking Ethan to his swimming lessons. I was sad about this and also quite nervous of it as it would be a big change to Ethan’s routine, I…

  • Autism

    Is My Son’s Autism Getting Worse?!

    The unknown world of autism is very scary to me, because it is an invisible disability we have no idea the potential our son will reach. We have to live in our take each day as it comes world. I am also…

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