Swimming With Daddy

In April I wrote about how Darren would be taking over the job of taking Ethan to his swimming lessons. I was sad about this and also quite nervous of it as it would be a big change to Ethan’s routine, I was keeping everything crossed that everything would go smoothly. 

We are now quite a few lessons into this term and I’m pleased to report this change has gone very well. 

The lessons are very different from what Ethan was used to, they do more work in the shallow water. We had to explain to the teacher that Ethan would only swim in the deep water. His logical way of thinking means he doesn’t see the point of trying to swim in the shallow water as he can just stand up! 

In the first lesson they didn’t even venture into the deep water, and as I watched Darren desperately trying to hold Ethan’s attention for the full 30 minutes in the shallow water I knew I had made the right decision to end the lessons when I did. 

The good thing about our swimming lesson time is that you can stay in the pool after the lesson when it opens to the public. Darren would take Ethan into the deep water then so that he could do his swimming. 

As the weeks have passed they have moved part of the swimming lesson into the deeper water. It was amazing to hear that Ethan was off on his own swimming around the island, and the other children had to have their parents support. If you could see Ethan when the group is in the shallow water you would think this was a miracle.  

Darren’s confidence has also grown with taking Ethan swimming. At first I had to go and help him change Ethan and teach him our routine to avoid any potential meltdowns. I’m pleased to say, fingers crossed, no meltdowns have happened so far in Darren and Ethan’s swimming adventures. 

I was also very lucky to be left at home last week to have some much needed me time.

10 thoughts on “Swimming With Daddy”

  1. He just wanted to swim didnt he and i think maybe the lesson was holding him back from what he wanted to do. Well done Ethan it really is a good skill to have

  2. Wow that’s so impressive and he is doing brilliantly. I am a complete rubbish swimmer so this is really something to me. I must learn properly. A big well done to Ethan (and Darren too). Thanks so much for linking up to Loud n Proud too 🙂

  3. That’s great, I am really pleased for you. Our little man refused to swim for ages but is now keen to get into the pool so we are taking him as much as we can so he doesn’t go off it again! xxx

  4. Bless him – I can totally see why he wouldn’t want to bother swimming in the shallow end! Even without that logical way of thinking you can see children struggling not to put their feet down!
    #SSAmazingAchievments x

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