Hello Duck!

We have noticed over the past few weeks that Ethan is vocalizing more. He is trying to copy things we say and he even surprised us with a new word, Book! He has found the sound for K and this also meant his word for duck became a lot clearer. Whilst we were on holiday

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A New Word – Apple!

At the moment it feels like Ethan is being quite vocal. There is lots of babbling and sometimes I can work out the words he is trying to say with his vocalizations. An outsider wouldn’t be able to understand him, even Darren and close family struggle, but it’s nice to know that he is trying

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Ethan Called Me Mummy!

New Years Eve 2013 Ethan gave us a new word Hello! We couldn’t believe it and we watched and waited and thankfully it stuck around. Ethan’s words are a funny thing. One day he can come out with a new word/vocalization, we heard rainbow the other day, and you will never hear it again. That’s

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A Magical Goodbye

I don’t know if Ethan is going through a major peak in progress at the moment or if Little E is keeping us so busy it’s becoming hard to keep up with everything he is doing. All I know is I got a lovely surprise the other night when it was his bedtime. Ethan’s sign

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