• Little E

    Little E’s Words – Bubbles

    I have finally got around to capturing one of Little E’s first words. We think her first word was officially tree, or tees as she likes to say, but bubbles wasn’t far behind. With her love of bubbles we really aren’t surprised. Nanny was the first to hear bubbles as Little E pointed one out on the TV. With Christmas the tree was covered in ‘bubbles’ for Little E to point out. Little E happily points out every bubble she sees.

  • Ethan

    Hello Duck!

    We have noticed over the past few weeks that Ethan is vocalizing more. He is trying to copy things we say and he even surprised us with a new word, Book! He has found the sound for K and this also meant his word for duck became a lot clearer. Whilst we were on holiday last week at Center Parcs we had daily visitors to our accommodation. These ranged for ducks, geese and even muntjac deer. Ethan loved them and they kept him entertained during our stay. So much so that his beloved iPad wasn’t required at all. This meant that the word duck was said quite a lot during…

  • Ethan

    A New Word – Apple!

    At the moment it feels like Ethan is being quite vocal. There is lots of babbling and sometimes I can work out the words he is trying to say with his vocalizations. An outsider wouldn’t be able to understand him, even Darren and close family struggle, but it’s nice to know that he is trying to communicate with us. The other morning we had a shopping delivery and whilst I was upstairs dealing with Little E Darren started to put the food away. From upstairs I’m sure I heard Ethan say apple. I called down and asked Darren if he had the apples in his hand. He didn’t but they…

  • Word Of The Week

    Word Of The Week – Tears

    word of the week

    I won’t lie this week has seen its fair share of Both a mixture of happy and sad. It started on Sunday with Ethan showing me that he really was calling me mummy. I had waited for this moment for so long. It was a word that I thought I might never hear. I really hope this word sticks and it doesn’t get lost. On Monday I was watching This Morning, and there was a story about a boy with autism being abused in the care home his parents had needed to send him too. They showed the video of the boy being punched in the face as he was…

  • Ethan

    Ethan Called Me Mummy!

    New Years Eve 2013 Ethan gave us a new word Hello! We couldn’t believe it and we watched and waited and thankfully it stuck around. Ethan’s words are a funny thing. One day he can come out with a new word/vocalization, we heard rainbow the other day, and you will never hear it again. That’s what happens with autism and communication, and you learn to live with it. If a word sticks that’s fantastic, if the word sticks and it is used in the right context you have won the lottery. I’m very nervous to blog about this as most things I blog about we lose never to be seen…

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