Hello Duck!

We have noticed over the past few weeks that Ethan is vocalizing more. He is trying to copy things we say and he even surprised us with a new word, Book! He has found the sound for K and this also meant his word for duck became a lot clearer.

Whilst we were on holiday last week at Center Parcs we had daily visitors to our accommodation. These ranged for ducks, geese and even muntjac deer.


Ethan loved them and they kept him entertained during our stay. So much so that his beloved iPad wasn’t required at all.

This meant that the word duck was said quite a lot during the day, this even turned into ‘Hello Duck’ when I asked Ethan to say hello to them. This means that Ethan has put two words together, fantastic progress from our little superstar.

8 thoughts on “Hello Duck!”

  1. How wonderful, well done Ethan. I love Center Parcs, especially the way the animals are always at your door. I had breakfast on my patio with a red squirrel, it’s not often you can say that!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I bet it’s amazing in the summer. I think the animals really added to the holiday experience x

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