teleworking the pros and cons

Teleworking: The Pros and Cons

The spread of the pandemic has contributed to the rapid expansion of teleworking. Like any phenomenon, teleworking has its downsides that are offset by significant advantages. This new form of work is not something that is heard for the first time; it has been mentioned since 1973 by Jack Niles. This form is known as work from home, regardless of the distance, in whatever country it belongs to, seems to be established in most countries.

teleworking the pros and cons

This work does not require to be done only from home, it can even be done in some cafe or other place. In this way, the distances in the movements are eliminated. Working from home is not just an agreement between employer and employee, but it has another way of managing.

Good management is based on results and not so much on employee monitoring. In America, 2.8 million workers have been working from home since 2008. Few telephone companies in America employ many home workers. There is now the possibility that telephone companies will hire employees through teleworking.

Disadvantages of Teleworking

Sources say that teleworking will increase to 65% and 33% in the next three years in both the private and public sectors. Of course, teleworking also has some disadvantages: one has to have a computer to connect to the internet and work. It is best to look for a reliable internet provider who can offer a great plan, such as these earthlink internet plans, to make sure that workers will be able to stay connected for the duration of their work day and be confident that their connection won’t cut out. Some may also find that it may not be easy to concentrate due to distractions in the home. A survey by the European in 2020 found that, during the coronavirus, 22% of workers who had children at home with them could not respond appropriately to their work.

The Advantages of Teleworking

The advantages are many and few negatives. The cost of customization is low because modern tools are used, such as the cloud, which has a low cost. A study by Deloitte and Eurofound showed that teleworking could increase business productivity by up to 50%. Teleworking is objectively directed towards the wider society, enabling people with disabilities and mothers to work even for those living in remote areas. For example, several mothers through teleworking can now practice professions that were not previously available to the general population, such as the voice actor profession. With the development of technology, a mother can work as a voice actress from the comfort of her home, joining the staff of an agency like that of, which constantly gives more and more people the opportunity to engage in this profession.

Reduction of Operating Costs

Reducing operating costs through teleworking: for employers and individuals, they are a solution because they will have to pay less for raw materials, energy, transportation, space rental. One thing is for sure; it will save a considerable amount of money for businesses.

Facilitates Older Employees

It is not uncommon for many employees to retire much earlier due to health problems. Moving is a problem for them, but with teleworking, they can work and stay active. This is how their knowledge and skills are evaluated from their home area.

Ecological Solution

When workers do not use their cars often, the traffic problem on the roads is reduced, hence the emission of pollutants into the environment. If companies turn to ecology, teleworking will be a solution to reduce employee turnover.


Teleworking is especially useful for someone who is looking for a job and does not find it because it is far from the city, resulting in unemployment. With the help of teleworking, anyone can work from anywhere, reducing travel costs without stress and pressure.

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