travel to ireland top dublin attractions

Travel to Ireland: Top Dublin Attractions

One of the most enchanting destinations in Europe is Ireland, with its lush greenery, Irish tradition, medieval architecture and nightlife. The capital of Ireland, Dublin, is one of the must-see destinations with many attractions, museums, churches, and parks.

travel to ireland top dublin attractions

The medieval cathedrals of Christ Church and St Patrick’s, the lush green parks of Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Park, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Kilmainham gaol are some of the most popular parts of the capital. The Irish are one of the warmest, most pleasant and hospitable people, and they are easily accessible and very communicative. But let’s explore together the top attractions in Dublin that you should visit and experience during your trip:

Literary Pub Crawl

Dublin has been declared a City of Literature by UNESCO and is home to some of the most influential writers of the 20th century, such as Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. For fans of Josh, in fact, there is a tour that one can do and visit all the pubs where they are mentioned in his books.

Trinity College

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you should take a walk from Trinity College, where the library with the so-called Long Room is located. The resemblance of the impressive room to the Long Room of the film is astonishing, which many believe is exactly the same room. However, the film was not shot there. There are more than 200,000 books in the Long Room and the famous “Book of Kells” collection.

Irish Cuisine

Hangouts like Brother Hubbard or Fumbally are two of the hottest and most original places you can visit and enjoy your lunch. Ireland is also famous for its local cheese, which you can find in places like Fallon and Byrne.

Irish Design

Irish fashion designers draw inspiration from traditional Irish clothing while modernizing their creations. If you are looking for authentic Irish creations, then the destination for your shopping is shops, such as the Irish Design Shop and Indigo & Cloth.

Drury Street

One of the most urban streets in Dublin is Drury Street, where you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee at the famous Kaphe or a meal at one of the many restaurants in the area. It is considered the ultimate food destination of the city, while it is ideal for morning or afternoon walks.


If you are a fan of water sports, you can do a wakeboard in the first park exclusively designed for this sport, Wakedock. It is a water sport where the athlete uses a board and various techniques to make manoeuvres and jumps. The methods used by wakeboarding athletes are adopted from surfing to snowboarding.

Temple Bar

Some of the most historic pubs are located in the heart of the city’s nightlife, the famous Temple Bar. The area promises live music, drinks and entertainment until one or two in the morning. It is the most touristic and expensive part of the city, and that is why most locals avoid it! However, one cannot visit Dublin without taking a walk through the bar temple.

Guinness Storehouse

Number one, if not all, then on most lists, is the Guinness Storehouse, where one can visit the old brewery of the famous beer. It is one of the top attractions in Ireland and is located in St. James Gate, in a seven-storey building, where the history of the world-famous beer unfolds. After a small demonstration, guests pass by the so-called “Gravity Bar”, where they can quench their thirst with a glass of Guinness beer and relax, enjoying the spectacular panoramic view of the capital.

The country of Ireland has many “hidden” secrets waiting for you to discover. In the cities and in the rural villages, there are fantastic things that can give you the most special and rare moments on a trip. To be able to cover the entire vast distance not only of the city of Dublin but also of the surrounding areas, it is recommended that you own your own vehicle. If you have not travelled with it, you can turn to a hired car, which you can get from the company Enjoy Travel, which specializes in car hire in the country of Ireland.

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