Thinking Slimmer Slimpod Gold Week 1 & 2

I wrote before Christmas that I would be rebooting my thinking slimmer journey and I actually tried to start the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod Gold 12 week programme before Christmas. Unfortunately I wasn’t in a very good place then as I find Christmas quite overwhelming.

I actually did start listening to the slimpods but it wasn’t every night so I decided not to stress about it and try again in the new year. The new year come and went and I still found it hard to settle into a routine of listening to my slimpod every night. It’s something so simple but I felt like I was making excuses, I think the stress of the Christmas holiday and trying to get back into routine was taking its toll.

Darren celebrated his fortieth birthday and I finally felt like I was ready to start my thinking slimmer journey again. I’m now entering my third week of listening, this is how I have been getting on.

Week 1

I do love listening to the pods for me it makes me more motivated. The first week I noticed that I wanted to clear things that have been hanging around on my to-do list for a while. I didn’t clear my to-do list but I made a start. I actually wanted to do the ironing, and cleared quite a lot of it.

I noticed that I was eating smaller portions at dinner, but this could have been my choice rather than what the slimpod was making me do. I also wanted to cut down my bread intake at lunch time and opted for soups. I’m afraid to say not homemade, I’m hoping I will want to make my own soups in a few weeks time.

Week 2

This was a rough week for us as Little E got Hand, Foot, and mouth, which she also managed to pass on to us. This meant I had a few nights of not listening to the slimpods as I looked after different members of the family. We also did eat a McDonald’s for dinner one night as Ethan had stopped eating and unfortunately McDonald’s chips are the only thing that will get Ethan out of this rut. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t turn to more comfort food during this time but then to be honest I also wasn’t feeling 100%.

Last time during my thinking slimmer journey I purposely restricted my tea drinking, only allowing myself four cups of tea a day. This time I have decided to go with the flow more and see if my tea drinking habits will change. Some days I have had less tea, but there have been others when I had more.

The good news is though all of the chaos of the past few weeks I have actually lost weight and inches. Here are my results

Total weight lost – 2 pounds

Total Inches lost
Waist – 1″
Hips – 0.5″
Arm – 0″
Leg – 0.25″
Bust – 1.25″

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