Thinking Slimmer – Week 14 Update

It’s week 14 of my Thinking Slimmer journey. This week I have been listening to the chillpod, slimpod and fitpod every night.

The three goals I have set for myself are

1) Feel fitter and be able to run around with my children with ease

2) Drink less tea and more water

3) Drop a dress size

This is what I have been up to over the past week

Wii Fit and EA Active

I still haven’t touched this apart from weighing myself. I really need to start exercising to tone up, I have to work on trying to fit this in.

Tea Drinking

I have got back into only drinking four cups of tea a day and it was a lot easier to do that than when I started the Thinking Slimmer challenge.


There has been chocolate again as we were given some Easter eggs for the children. Thankfully I can have a small piece of chocolate and easily say no to anymore now.

Cereal Before Bed

We are having dinner earlier now as Ethan is so hungry when he gets home from school, this has resulted in a few cereals before bed!

Weight-loss vs Measurements

I can finally say I have officially lost a stone in weight with Thinking Slimmer. This really surprised me as this week I went out for three lunches and really didn’t think about the food I was eating. Not that I ate lots of rubbish, I just didn’t stress about my choices.

Todays BMI – 28.55

Week 14 weight-loss – 1 pound

Chest Measurement – No loss

Waist Measurement – No loss

Bicep Measurement – No loss

Hip Measurement – 1.25 cm loss

Thigh Measurement – 1.25 cm loss

1 thought on “Thinking Slimmer – Week 14 Update”

  1. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Good for you. It is always nice to have a bit of an accomplishment to keep pushing us forward! Dieting or changing our eating habits is so hard, I recently went gluten free, for health reasons, and it is still hard. I love pasta and pastry and a beer once in a while. So I empathize with you. Why are the good things so bad for us!

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