Thinking Slimmer 12 Week Challenge – Week 6 Update

It’s week 6 of my Thinking Slimmer 12 week challenge. Last week my slimpod listening was thrown out as we went on a little holiday and I forgot to take any headphones with me. This meant I only got to listen to the slimpod once whilst away.

I’m back on track now and have been listening to the chillpod, slimpod and new fitpod every night before bed.

The three goals I have set for myself are

1) Feel fitter and be able to run around with my children with ease

2) Drink less tea and more water

3) Drop a dress size

This is what I have been up to over the past week

Wii Fit and EA Active

Being away this wasn’t touched, I’m hoping to get back on track this week. Fingers crossed!

Tea Drinking

I’m still on four cups of tea a day and I’m happy with that. The next step would be changing the milk we use, perhaps I will look into that over the next couple of weeks.


Considering we were away I only had half of a chocolate eclair as a treat. I didn’t feel the need to have any desserts at any of the meals we had and I was pleasantly surprised.

Cereal Before Bed

Again I’m still working on this!!!

Weight-loss vs Measurements

After a week of being away and having some treats by eating out etc I’m really pleased to say that I lost weight this week. I wasn’t expecting this so I’m really pleased.

Todays BMI – 30.00

Week 6 weight-loss – 1 lb

Chest Measurement – No loss

Waist Measurement – No loss

Bicep Measurement – No loss

Hip Measurement – No loss

Thigh Measurement -2 cm lost

Totally Weight-loss vs Measurements After 6 Weeks

Weight-loss – 6 lb

Chest Measurement – 3 inches

Waist Measurement – 4.5 inches

Bicep Measurement – 1.5 inches

Hip Measurement – 3.5 inches

Thigh Measurement -1.5 inches

2 thoughts on “Thinking Slimmer 12 Week Challenge – Week 6 Update”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. I couldn’t believe how I didn’t even need to look at the dessert menu when eating out. A holiday normally means treats!

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