Thinking Slimmer 12 Week Challenge – Week 7 Update

It’s week 7 of my Thinking Slimmer 12 week challenge. I have been listening to the chillpod, slimpod and fitpod every night before bed. I have found that I’m falling asleep now whilst listening and find myself waking in the night to discover I still have the headphones in my ears.

The three goals I have set for myself are

1) Feel fitter and be able to run around with my children with ease

2) Drink less tea and more water

3) Drop a dress size

This is what I have been up to over the past week

Wii Fit and EA Active

I still haven’t touched this apart from weighing myself. There is a lot going on with Ethan at the moment, preparing him for starting school, I’m not going to stress myself out about working out until this milestone has been completed.

Tea Drinking

I’m still on four cups of tea a day and we have started to discuss when we are going to start using fat-free milk. I think this will be introduced the week after next.


I treated myself to a small Easter bunny chocolate today, I actually found it too much and would have preferred not to have eaten it.

Cereal Before Bed

We ran out of Rice Krispies in the week so we couldn’t have our regular night-time treat. As we survived one night I didn’t bother buying anymore and for the past five nights we have not had any. I have even adjusted my tea so that I have my last cup of tea when I would have been eating the cereal. I will be tested on this next week as Darren has requested I buy some more Rice Krispies as he wants them in the mornings for work days. If I survive another week of not having cereal before bed we will be changing our milk to fat-free.

Weight-loss vs Measurements

This week I have lost weight but nothing really on my measurements. I’m also pleased to report that the wii now tells me I’m overweight, I’m no longer obese!

Todays BMI – 29.65

Week 7 weight-loss – 2 lb

Chest Measurement – No loss

Waist Measurement – 1.5 cm lost

Bicep Measurement – No loss

Hip Measurement – No loss

Thigh Measurement – No loss

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