Brushing Teeth – An Update

I have blogged before about how we struggle with brushing Ethan’s teeth. It took years for us to even be able to get a toothbrush near his mouth.

We have been stuck at this stage for ages now as he won’t open his mouth. We know this is a sensory issue and we are even trying to go to a Special Needs Dentist to see if we can move any further forward. I’m so worried that Ethan will end up having rotten teeth and will have to be knocked out for future dentist treatment. 

This week something has changed, and we have no idea how or even why. We should know now that this is normally the case with Ethan and we really shouldn’t be so shocked by this! 

Darren has been able to ask Ethan to open his mouth whilst brushing his teeth. Ethan responds, only a little bit, but Darren has been able to get the toothbrush into the side of Ethan’s mouth.

So I have tried the same thing in the mornings. Ethan does bite down on the toothbrush but I have been able to get the toothbrush into both sides of his mouth. It isn’t a fantastic brushing teeth exercise but its a massive step in the right direction for us.  

Even if we are at this stage for another few years I’m so happy that we are getting the toothbrush near a few more of his teeth!

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