Tonsillitis Take Two!

We knew that this weekend was supposed to be eventful but we weren’t expecting to be spending Saturday night in A&E with Ethan. 

We were meant to be attending our friends 40th birthday party but Nanny called us just as we turned up at the hotel as Ethan was in a bad way. 

Ethan hasn’t been right for a few weeks, he has been very picky with his food and not great with drinking water. From the first episode of tonsillitis that he had just under a month ago we have worked out that Ethan has a sore throat if he doesn’t want to drink from his beaker. He has also had a cough that just didn’t want to go. 

So in the past week alone we have taken him to the NHS Walk-In Centre, the Doctors and A&E. 

I was worried that Ethan had tonsillitis again that I suggested this when I took him to the doctors on Thursday but Ethan doesn’t like anything or anyone looking into his mouth, yes we have an issue brushing teeth at the moment! So he has to be held down so that a doctor can check his throat and it is a real fight, one that I’m no good with and I have to leave this job to Darren. So as it was just me at the doctors with him we wasn’t able to check his throat. 

On Saturday night Ethan’s temperate was so high that he looked very red and was also getting a heat rash from it. I have never seen him like that. We were put in our own section in the children’s A&E department so that they could keep an eye on his temperature, which thankfully did go down after about three hours. It took two attempts for the doctor to see inside his mouth and the fight was terrible that I have to keep out of the way. Unfortunately it was the same doctor that we saw at A&E last time who had to fight with Ethan and Ethan remembered so he knew what was coming which made it ever harder. The look Ethan gives me when all this is going on I know he is thinking “Mummy why are you letting them do this to me!”    

Ethan is still very ill, I feel he is a lot worse than he was last time, as I write this blog I am waiting for NHS Direct to call us back as I still have concerns. This time you can see he doesn’t feel right and he is being sick along with having an upset stomach so we are having lots of fun in our house. 

I do believe that Ethan does have quite a high pain threshold when it comes to illness and it makes me upset to know that Ethan gets to these extremes before we realise he is ill. This also adds to the frustrations of Ethan being non-verbal, see earlier blog Non-Verbal Frustration

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