Visiting Thomas Land At Drayton Manor REVIEW

Tractor Driving At Terence’s Driving School Thomas Land

During our visit to Thomas Land in the Easter Holidays Ethan surprised us with an achievement. It happened at Terence’s Driving School where Ethan decided to show us that he was very confident at driving his own tractor.

Tractor Driving Terences Driving School Thomas Land

Terence’s Driving School

terences driving school sign

When we queued up for Terence’s Driving School I was only thinking about putting Little E on this ride. She had proved her ride-on driving skills over the past year during visits to Legoland, Center Parcs and Diggerland. As it was so quiet I decided to ask Ethan if he wanted to drive a tractor knowing that I would ask for him to have support.

ethan tractor driving support

The ride attendant was very happy to help Ethan and showed him where the pedal to move the tractor was. It didn’t take long for Ethan to start driving his tractor.

ethan tractor driving support

I think the fact that Ethan could follow his sister really helped with this driving experience. Normally we would worry about him crashing into the walls and other vehicles but he just happily followed Little E around the track.

terences driving school thomas land drayton manor ethan little e

I’m so glad we took a chance and let Ethan drive a tractor. It was nice to see that he quickly got the hang of it and didn’t need too much support. Totally helped by his little sister. I wonder if he would have been able to drive so quickly if they didn’t go on this ride together?

terences driving school thomas land drayton manor ethan

I captured video of the children’s driving skills that you can see below.

It is so nice that Drayton Manor is an inclusive place to visit. The ride attendant didn’t even question why Ethan needed the extra support, he was happy to help him. Making sure that none of the tractors crashed into each other and getting them moving as quickly as possible. I think Drayton Manor are used to children of all ages and abilities visiting Thomas Land.

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