Using A Spoon At 16 Months Old

We decided it was time to let Little E loose with a spoon. This is a massive step for all of us as Ethan still needs support with feeding so not only has Little E had to learn a new skill we have had to learn to let her get on with it and ignore the mess.


And mess there has been!

She has had lots of fun mixing, splashing and tipping food all over the place.

Little E started off by using the spoon like a lollipop but over the past few days we have noticed that she has started to hold the spoon the correct way round. This is making meal times just a little bit less messy.


Since the spoon has been introduced Little E will now only eat her food if she is holding the spoon and has the food in-front of her. There is no getting away from the mess, Little E really wants to be independent. She really wasn’t my little baby for long!

3 thoughts on “Using A Spoon At 16 Months Old”

  1. Aww she’s doing so well! We tended to feed our eldest when eating things that needed a spoon for longer than we probably should have, but youngest only really wants to feed herself. She’s pretty good with a spoon actually, but she has an annoying habit of flinging food when bored of it! & she is often immediately bored! #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. Oh well done to Little E for getting to grips with using a spoon the right way up. It is such a messy business when they learn to use one although I think second time around you tend to be more relaxed about it – I certainly was with Sophie anyway! 🙂

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