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We Built A Playmobil Zoo REVIEW

Over the years Little E has had fun reviewing lots of different Playmobil sets. We have even purchased Ethan his own sets one of them being Noah’s Ark. The animals in the set being a major highlight for both children. Recently Playmobil has added to their Family Fun range. Including lots of new Playmobil Zoo sets. Little E was sent three sets to review and we built a Playmobil Zoo.

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We Built A Playmobil Zoo REVIEW

The Playmobil Zoo Range

Little E was sent the Outdoor Lion Enclosure, the Red Panda Habitat and the Orangutans Tree set to create her zoo.

little e playmobil zoo range

The Playmobil Outdoor Lion Enclosure

little e playmobil outdoor lion enclosure box

Just like zoos we have visited, this set comes with an elevated observation path. Giving your Playmobil figures a great view of the lions below. This path can also connect to the Playmobil 70341 Family Fun Large Zoo* observation path. Giving you the chance to extend your zoo and add even more animals.

little e playing playmobil outdoor lion enclosure

This Playmobil set is a lion enclosure but you will discover quite a few animals inside. It contains a lion and lioness as well as their two cubs. You will also find two squirrels, a heron, and a baby crocodile.

little e playing lion lioness playmobil outdoor lion enclosure

The observation area also has a telescope giving the included Playmobil lady and boy the perfect view of the lions.

observation area telescope playmobil people

The Playmobil Red Panda Habitat

little e playmobil red panda habitat box

The Playmobil Red Panda set is the smallest set that Little E received but it was still packed full of amazing details. The Red Panda Habitat contains a tree that is perfect for the two red pandas to live in at the zoo. There is also a little water area giving the two ducks that also come in this set a home too.

little e playing playmobil red panda habitat

This set also contains visitors for the zoo. A Playmobil man with two children. This family also comes with lots of accessories including a handcart containing a baby seat for the youngest member of the family. A balloon, a carrier bag that can hold both the baby bottle and drinking bottle. There is also a camera so that this family can take photos of all the animals at the Playmobil Zoo.

little e holding red panda

The Playmobil Orangutans with Tree Set

little e playmobil orangutans tree set boxed

Little E was excited to open this set as it contained orangutan babies! The orangutans in our Noah’s Ark set have always been a favourite. We always pay the orangutans a visit when we visit Colchester Zoo.

orangutan baby tree base

Unlike the other sets, the only animals this Playmobil set contains are the orangutans. It does however contain lots of amazing details as well as a zookeeper to look after the animals.

little e playing orangutans tree set

Inside you will discover things to keep the orangutans entertained including a monkey nest, a swing rope, and a wooden tube to hold their straw food. There are also accessories for the zookeeper including a rake and a bucket to hold the orangutan’s food. Bananas and apples are also included as food for the orangutans.


What Does Little E Love About The Playmobil Zoo Range?

little es playmobil zoo

Little E has loved creating her very own zoo. She spends hours playing with this collection of Playmobil toys. She loves that the animals are collections of families with both adult and children animals. Her favourite babies are the orangutans. Colchester Zoo has had a bit of a baby boom over the past few years so that it very relatable for her.

little e holding orangutan baby

These sets are perfect for her to develop her small world play. There are enough accessories to make sure the animals are fed by the zookeeper. She also has great fun taking the visitors around her zoo to meet all the animals. I’m sure our Noah’s Ark will pay a visit to Little E’s zoo soon.

What Do I Love About The Playmobil Zoo Range?

For me, Playmobil is all about the details. Just like the Playmobil Magic Mermaids sets and the Back to the Future DeLorean the Playmobil zoo sets are packed full of details both big and small. Not only can the adult lions move their heads and legs but their mouths even open and close too. All of the bigger animals in each set can move in some way.

The Playmobil toys are always built to last and very well put together. All of these sets have to have some sort of assembly which I did for Little E. The elevated observation path that came in the lion enclosure comes with a tool to help put it together. I did need my husband’s help with this one as it needed more force than I was capable of to push it together.

There are lots of Zoo sets available in the Playmobil Family Fun range. You will be able to find sets for all budgets and interests in this range.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Playmobil Zoo sets as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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