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Project 365 2021 Week 10 Day’s 65-71

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 10. This week was Little E’s return to school. Ethan has now been back at his SEN school for two weeks. Both children were also able to have hot lunches and we nearly held a celebration just for that! After the last lockdown, Ethan’s school kitchen had issues with space and being Covid secure. Before Christmas, they were able to offer hot dinners but it was on a class rotation. In Little E’s school kitchen they had oven issues. They could only recently get this fixed. Darren is the packed lunch maker he is pleased that some days he now gets a break!

Project 365 – 2021 Week 10

Day 65

hot chocolate whipped cream top

We went for another walk in Castle Park today. They have a cafe in the park and I thought it would be a nice idea to order a hot drink from them. It always looks like it never has any customers when we pass. Ironically when we stopped for drinks so did everyone else. We ordered hot chocolates with whipped cream on top. It looked like ice cream and wasn’t the easiest thing to drink as we went on our daily walk.

Day 66

little e batemans tower brightlingsea

Another Sunday scooter walk at Brightlingsea for us this morning. Little E wanted to take a closer look at Batemans Tower leaving me to hold her scooter.

Day 67

skinny slow cooker cook books

We have got into the same routine with our meals lately and have started eating too many pizzas. So we ordered some new slow cooker cookbooks. They arrived today and we went through them trying to work out what meals the children might like. We have tried a new meal every night this week, they didn’t go down that well with the children!

Day 68

negative rapid lateral flow test

Darren has been having rapid lateral flow tests regally at our local leisure center. With the children back at school, we are now able to order home testing kids. Darren picked some up from the local university and I helped him take his first test tonight. Thankfully it was negative, we will be taking the tests twice a week. I haven’t been brave enough to take my test yet.

Day 69

cowboy casserole 2021 Week 10

One of our new meals to try, Cowboy Casserole. Both Darren and I liked it but the children weren’t so keen. I’m glad that they both tried some even if it was just one small piece.

Day 70

food hall marks and spencers 2021 Week 10

After school, I walked into town with Little E. I saw the Marks and Spencer’s Mothers Day meal deal advertised. I told Darren I would buy us one and he can cook it for me on Sunday. Little E helped choose the options. This was the first time I have been in a shop this year. I last went into Marks and Spencer’s on Christmas eve. Darren is the one that has been going out shopping for our weekly food during the past year.

Day 71

little e holding daffodil 2021 Week 10

Little E picked a daffodil on the way home from school. She loves flowers, she tried to plant it in the garden when we got home. I hold her that wasn’t possible. We are hoping to do some work on our garden over Easter. I think I will make an area for her to plant some flowers.

That was our 2021 Week 10 adventure. You can read about our week 9 here.

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 10 Day’s 65-71”

  1. Hooray for hot school lunches.
    When I looked at your hot chocolate I actually thought it was a cupcake. So much cream. Yum, yum.
    Good luck with the slow cooker recipes and taking your lateral flow test. I’ve not had one yet but my youngest says they’re easy. lol
    That Cowboy Casserole looks so good. x

  2. oops to the kids not liking the new menu options, typical. Hopefully you can find a balance without cooking too many meals each time. Hope the M&S dinner went down well, lovely to let the kids help with the choosing of the meal deal. The hot drink does look like am icecream. I struggle to drink just a latte when I’m out walking as I have the dog with me and he’s not the best behaved.

  3. It’s weird being back in shops after long times away isn’t it. We went to our first one other than the butchers and local village shop yesterday. Felt very odd being in the same place as so many other people. I need to get some more slow cooker recipe ideas. I only really do beef stew in it. Or occasionally chilli

  4. That hot chocolate with whipped cream looks yummy but I can imagine it isn’t the easiest thing to drink while out on a walk. The slow cooker cookbooks look good – I could do with trying some new recipes with ours. Love the look of the cowboy casserole. I love that Little E tried to plant the daffodil. #project365

  5. Our schools started offering hot lunches, but my elder one only eats his sandwiches (same every day for many years), while the younger one doesn’t want to eat in the canteen, as his mates eat packed lunches in the class.
    The hot chocolate looks lovely, and so does the cowboy casserole. A shame your guys weren’t too keen on it.
    I have picky eaters, who refuse to eat many things, so it’s always a struggle to introduce anything new or different.

  6. The covid test isn’t too bad, the first is definitely the worst and then it is ok. I’m doing them twice a week as I work in school. Apparently we have a slow cooker in the cupboard that my hubby had before we married, but I’ve never even spotted it! Let me know if there are any fab recipes that would inspire me to try it #project365

  7. Wow I thought that hot chocolate was an ice cream. The cookbooks look great, I can feel your pain with the lack of school meals. Unfortantely our eldest does not have hot lunches so there is always a mad panic to get him fed after work and school.

  8. We love a treat from M&S – hubby bought a lovely pork joint which we had on Mothers Day. Have you seen the Percy Pig easter eggs?
    I have to do those COVID tests as does my son. Not pleasant but needs must

  9. Packed lunch duty is always a bit of a burden so glad your husband can enjoy a break. That hot chocolate picture looks very tempting. My boys love hot chocolates, I wish I did, as I love chocolate. The Cowboy Casserole wouldn’t be well received by my boys either, but I would love to tuck into it! I haven’t had a test yet, but my husband has started doing them this week for work. Hope you get on with it okay when you do eventually brave it.

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