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Word Of The Week – Hay Fever

This week my word of the week has to be Hay Fever. I have been suffering from Hay Fever for as long as I can remember. It used to start about May time but since moving to Colchester there is something that starts my allergies off earlier. It normally starts around March time but I started to get reactions in February this year.

hay fever

This week has been particularly bad for my allergies. It has been a real struggle for me and it really doesn’t help my mood when I am suffering. I wouldn’t pass this feeling on to anyone. I really hope that my children don’t have to suffer from any allergies.

Unfortunately, I think Ethan is starting to suffer from Hay fever too. When he returned to school under his eyes looked really dark and his eyes also looked puffy. We did wonder if he found returning to school overwhelming. Ethan can look very tired if he is experiencing sensory overload. Sleep also hasn’t been great for him without his school routine so we have all been looking tired this year.

We talked about the possibility of Ethan suffering from allergies but we couldn’t see him rubbing his eyes as I have to. Ethan has quite a high pain threshold which left us wondering if he didn’t feel the need to rub his eyes. We took the step to start giving him liquid Piriteze and it has reduced the swelling to his eyes. We have noticed that Ethan does sneeze when I’m having my worst moments. So I think we can say that Ethan now suffers from Hay Fever too. I just hope that Little E doesn’t start to suffer as she gets older too.

This week we have also been enjoying getting back into a routine. There have been dress-up days at both schools. Little E’s school celebrated a late World Book Day and Ethan could dress up for Red Nose Day today. He did declare he wanted to be a Minion on Tuesday night which did lead to mad panic buying items on Amazon!

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Hay Fever”

  1. I think I have started with hay fever early this year too. It’s no fun at all. Poor Ethan. I am glad the Piriteze is helping though and fingers crossed it misses Little E. x

  2. Hayfever is horrible. Poor you and Ethan. I hope what ever is setting your off, goes over soon. I miss dressing up days at primary school. Admittedly, I’ve forgotten the flurry of activity when they change their minds beofre the day. Hope they both enjoyed their day. #wotw

  3. I hope Ethan’s dressing up went well. My daughter has hayfever, and her Dad get’s it too. I’ve never really suffered myself but freshly cut grass makes me sneeze and my eyes water. My daughter has already started sneezing.

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