Weaning – Finger Foods

Since I introduced Little E to second stage weaning when she was just over 6 months old, I have been trying to introduce finger foods. I know lots of people go down the baby-led weaning route now but because of my experience with Ethan, and him not knowing how to use his hands, I was never sure how this would really work.

We also introduced Little E to rice and first taste weaning before six months due to her sickness, so we were already on the puree path. I also feel this gives you a little more control over what your child is eating.

Also worrying about choking I decided that I would introduce rusks first as they melt in the mouth.


All Little E would do was bang the rusks on the table, not once did she try to put them into her mouth. Everything else went into her mouth but no food!

Then finally last week she got it. The rusk finally made it into her mouth and now Little E happily eats her rusk at lunch time whilst waiting for her food to cool.


Little E has some Organix finger foods to move onto but I think she is still working on holding the rusks for now. I will introduce those in a few weeks time.

6 thoughts on “Weaning – Finger Foods”

  1. awww it’s so cute when they start feeding themselves, I do know what you mean about everything but the food going in the mouth though…of course with sensory seekers this goes on for much longer, my Star still sucks her toes at 9 yrs!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Ethan didn’t put anything in his mouth at this age. It’s as he has got older that it’s been a bit of a nightmare x

  2. We struggled with the baby led stuff too and mostly did purees with some finger food snacks/top ups. We used the Organix ones (the ones that look like wotsits and there were some other crispy things) straight away because H never seemed to get on with rusks. Shame as I was looking forward to having a regular supply of Farley’s rusks in (for him you understand, not me honest).

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We have lots of Organix ones waiting but they were too small to hold. I’m going to introduce them to her again this week. Darren is always eating Little E’s rusks!

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