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Word Of The Week – Anxiety

This week has been a week of anxiety for me. I do actually take tablets to help me control it. They are something I had to start taking the year Little E started school as I ended up being rushed to A&E because of an anxiety attack. My mum thought I was having a stroke at the time. The reason I know my anxiety was high this week was because I had two panic attacks. Thankfully the tablets make me just feel unwell or lightheaded during these times.


I have no idea what made these attacks happen, I can only assume it’s a build-up of everything that Christmas brings. With the extra stress that covid now brings.

Ethan was still at home this week with the closure of his class. We have been attending his daily zoom meetings. He gets to catch up with his friends and they play letter games. Little E was back at school this week. Thankfully her class was able to open again on Monday. This gave her the chance to take part in Christmas jumper day at the school.

My work was a little bit quieter this week. I think this is what possibly has been one of the causes of my anxiety this week. I would have used the quiet time to start our Christmas preparations. With Ethan at home, I was spending my time running around after him. He needs lots of support from us at home. And also like lots of snacks. I easily spent a few hours of my week going into the kitchen getting him snacks and drinks.

Covid definitely adds new pressure to the Christmas plans. Thankfully all of our lateral flow tests have been negative this week. We have been able to enjoy our weekend plans. Visiting Jimmy’s Farm for Breakfast with Santa as well as Colchester Zoo’s Santa’s Grotto. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that covid stays away. We have some lovely plans next week and I really hope they can happen.

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