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Word Of The Week – Covid

Ethan’s positive lateral flow test was confirmed by a positive PCR test last weekend. So this week was another week of isolation for him. A week where we waited and watched to see what a positive covid result would bring us.


The only real difference we saw in Ethan those first days were to his sleep. Ethan’s autism means we have always had sleep issues. He doesn’t need much of it and we haven’t had a full nights sleep for eleven years. The night before his positive test and the night after Ethan had fallen asleep before Darren went upstairs to put him to bed.

On Monday you could tell Ethan was uncomfortable. He said his head hurt and he clearly needed to sleep but kept fighting it. Ethan didn’t have a temperature or any other covid symptoms. But we gave him medicine to help with his headache and the possibility that he was feeling rough. We believe that Ethan’s autism means he has a high pain threshold. With Ethan, we never know how ill he truly is until we end up in A&E asking for help. We had quite a few trips when Ethan was a toddler due to tonsillitis. They didn’t help with his fear of doctors.

On Tuesday Ethan woke up with a swollen left cheek. Clearly not a covid symptom and we had no idea of its cause. I called 111 to see if they could help. Their advice was to call our GP. I didn’t know how this would help as to get a GP appointment we have to go to the doctors between eight and ten in the morning. Something that clearly couldn’t happen. I called them telling them that 111 had told me to call. They told me a doctor would call me back. I wasn’t expecting that at all!

The doctor was amazing. She arranged a video call with us but was unsure what it could be without seeing him in person. If it is a tooth issue apparently doctors aren’t meant to prescribe any medication. Seeing how distressed Ethan was getting she gave us antibiotics for him. She also advised us to take Ethan to A&E on Friday if his face was still swollen. Apparently, they can still see you at A&E even if you are covid positive.

On Friday Darren took Ethan to A&E. We thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Examining Ethan they think it is a tooth issue. They gave him stronger antibiotics which will be more helpful. I have managed to book Ethan an appointment at the dentist on Monday when he comes out of isolation. Ethan also struggles with visiting the dentist. I have no idea if Ethan will let the dentist examine him. I’m not even sure if visiting the Special Needs Dentist is still an option. It has been a very interesting week!

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