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Word Of The Week – Caught

I haven’t had the chance to post a word of the week update recently. Covid finally caught up with Little E. After avoiding all of the outbreaks in her class for nearly two years. She finally got a test that showed two red lines.


We had been testing before school every morning as both children’s classes were having covid outbreaks. On a Tuesday morning, we were all negative and so the children went to school. Before dinner that night Little E said she wasn’t really that hungry. She also said she didn’t really want to go to school the next day. Now Little E isn’t the biggest fan of school but she loves to go and see her friends. I did think what she was saying was a little out of character. So I tested her. There was a very very faint second line. So Darren tested her again and sure enough, there was enough of a line to know she was definitely positive.

Queue the emails to school and dance lessons letting them know that Little E wouldn’t be attending until she had two negative daily tests in a row. When Ethan caught covid I tested him daily even though it wasn’t a requirement for quarantine release then. I think he tested positive for four days. I thought Little E’s tests might be positive for a bit longer as we caught her early. She was positive on the test for nine days. Nine days, it felt like a lifetime! She was off of school for nearly two full weeks.

Thankfully Little E was only really out of sorts for a few days. She didn’t have any symptoms only one off day with food and one day just wanting to eat Frosties. I think Ethan felt rougher with covid than his sister did. With Little E being positive for so long I was expecting more of us to catch covid. At the moment both me and Darren have tested negative on all the tests we have taken. I hope it stays that way.

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