janes chocolate birthday cake project 365 2022

Project 365 2022 Week 12 & 13 Days 78-91

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2022 Week 12 & 13. Little E was still testing positive for covid. Her lateral flow tests were positive for nine days. We could finally leave the house on Mother’s Day. I also turned another year older. I was working so Little E’s positive tests didn’t cancel any plans we had.

Project 365 – 2022 Week 12 & 13

Day 78 – Week 12

little es positive lateral flow test 19th march project 365 2022

Little E was still showing a strong positive on the lateral flow tests on Saturday. Her tests had to show up negative on Monday and Tuesday for her to be able to go back to school on Tuesday.

Day 79

little es positive lateral flow test 20th march project 365 2022

Still a very strong positive for Little E. I knew there was little hope of her getting a negative result the next day. Thankfully our tests were still coming up as negative. I really was expecting a positive for myself by now.

Day 80

lapland uk booking queue project 365 2022

The booking window opened for Lapland UK today. We have taken Ethan to two of the Lapland UK Superstar Days when he was younger. Little E was only a baby. We knew we wanted to return when she would be old enough to remember the day. I did book tickets for 2020 but we went into lockdown again as we were meant to visit. I didn’t book for last year as I was worried about the number of people who had to rebook from the year before. Ethan needs to be comfortable during the visit. The Superstar day was fully booked before the system let me in. So I have picked a random day in the week. I hope Little E still believes when we visit.

Day 81

little es positive lateral flow test 22nd march project 365 2022

Little E’s day 6 of having covid and she is still testing positive.

Day 82

morning sunrise march 23rd project 365 2022

Still getting positive covid tests. I thought I would take a picture of the sunrise so that I would be able to share a different photo.

Day 83

moonpig delivery box message project 365 2022

I got a Moonpig delivery today. The postman thought it was a bit early for Mother’s Day. I told him it was my birthday the next day.

Day 84

janes chocolate birthday cake project 365 2022

My birthday today and Darren got me a chocolate cake. We don’t exchange gifts as our treats are nice experiences throughout the year. But I always ask that our birthdays are marked with a cake.

Day 85 – Week 13

white rose potted plant project 365 2022

Ethan went shopping with Darren today to pick up some lunch. Ethan wanted to get this rose for my birthday.

Day 86

little e holding mothers day flowers project 365 2022

Mother’s Day and these are the flowers that Little E picked for me. Little E finally got her two negative tests on Friday and Saturday so we could go out. We visited the new Upside Down House in Clacton-on-Sea. Also popping into our mums to give them their cards and flowers.

Day 87

little es easter bonnet

Little E made her Easter Bonnet after school tonight. They have an Easter parade on the final day of term.

Day 88

nannys mothers day flowers

I didn’t take any photos today but my mum did send me a photo of the flowers we got her for Mother’s Day. She wanted to show me how they had opened up.

Day 89

union jack street light

Union Jack flags are starting to appear in town. Preparation for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee perhaps?

Day 90

snow falling back garden

Snow! We had snow falling for two days but none of it settled.

Day 91

little e wearing easter bonnet

The last day of term and time for Little E to wear her Easter Bonnet.

That was our 2022 Week 12 & 13 adventures. You can read about week 11 here.

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