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Word Of The Week – Consumed

This week I have had some very tight deadlines with my work. Meaning I have been consumed by my job all week.


This has a knock-on effect with homeschooling. With work being so busy I haven’t had the time to do any school work with my children. This leaves me with feelings of guilt as it makes me feel like I’m letting my children down.

Darren was at home on Monday and Tuesday so he did take the homeschooling baton for me. Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure of the math work so he couldn’t complete the day’s work. Every time I thought I had a moment to spare another email came in.

There was a lady speaking on This Morning trying to give advice about doing the two jobs at the moment. Apparently, schooling is a job in its own right and we need to make our bosses aware we have two jobs now. Basically, they need to give us some slack. I would love to know what her job is as in my job of deadlines and delivery dates slack isn’t in the vocabulary!

With Darren back to work and me being consumed with work the children have actually been very good. Well, I’m probably in the ‘bad mother’ bracket by my meaning of good! They have been playing on their iPads. They are desperate to get out of the house now though. Watching the Trolls films helped to get them moving about a bit this week.

Darren celebrated his birthday this week. We celebrated with a Pizza Hut delivery for dinner and a chocolate cake. I brought Darren’s birthday cards early. With delays in our post, his birthday cards arrived the day after his birthday. His gifts also arrived on his birthday so I didn’t even get the chance to wrap them. Compared to my 40th birthday on the first week of the first lockdown, he actually had a better celebration than me.

Being consumed by work also means I haven’t had any time to play Ring Fit Adventure. I also hurt my shoulder during my sleep. I’m hoping I will feel better tomorrow. I’m aiming to catch up with my workouts this weekend.

Ethan must be feeling very unsettled this week. We have had issues with his sleeping. Darren hasn’t been able to settle him to sleep for a few nights this week. When this happens he comes downstairs until we go to bed. I then sleep in his room for the night. There are normally tears as Ethan gets very upset with himself. Last night I had to have him in our bed and give him pressure cuddles to get him to drift off. Hopefully, some weekend walks will help bring him some sleep in the evenings.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Consumed”

  1. Aww it sounds hard. I hope that things settle for you. Homeschooling is tough, I’ve homeschooled many times in the past, but it’s always been one child at a time and we haven’t had to follow the schools instructions and worked the entire school day…this is a completely different experience. I think all the kids are feeling it, it’s not wonder poor Ethan is having such trouble sleeping, it’s a strange time we are living in. Fingers crossed for an easier week for you next week x #wotw

  2. It sounds like you have been busy. It must be so tough doing two jobs. I really do feel for people like you torn between their job and the job of homeschooling. Sending hugs!
    Happy birthday to Darren. It sounds like he had a great day.
    I hope you manage to get out over the weekend and it helps Ethan to sleep better x

  3. You are right about it feeling like two jobs… I’d love to see the Deputy Head’s face if I informed him to “cut me some slack and I’ll won’t be in at dinnertime”! Easier said than done. Bless Ethan, it’s messing up all our sleep patterns this lockdown.

  4. It must be so difficult to juggle primary school learnign at home and working a full time job. Mine are at Secondary, so it’s easier. I’m sure there are some bosses that can adapt, but it’s not a luxury many companies can cope with. It’s good that your children have been good while you work. I hope next week is easier. #wotw

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