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Word Of The Week – Crazy

After our successful Christmas and a good return back to school, this week has felt pretty crazy at times! I think that is just the school run mum way of life. There is always something cropping up that needs you to think on your feet. To be honest it was like that when I had to commute into London for work every day. If the trains are down you have to quickly work out a different way in. But on the school runs it isn’t just you that has to be in a certain place at a certain time.


Monday really started off the crazy week. I had to sit an exam for work. I had spent the previous week revising for the exam. And even though I was at home on my own the exam was sat in very tough examination conditions. I couldn’t even drink the cup of tea I had made myself. It did make me remember why I wanted to take a BTEC course at college and not any A level exams. I’m so glad to say that I got a pass mark for the exam.

On Tuesday when I thought I was winning at life Little E reminded me it was PE day as we just got into the car. Cue frantic searching around the house for said PE kit. Thankfully the ironing I did before Christmas paid off. Manic changing in the back of the car. Me forgetting about the child locks on the back doors. Thankfully our neighbours passed by to let me out of the back of the car. Trying to get Ethan out of the front of the car to open our doors would have taken an age!

Wednesday was back to the after school club routine for both children. But I had to navigate new routes and locations. Thankfully that wasn’t crazy and everything went smoothly. Even if Little E was a bit tearful at the end of her ballet class.

On Thursday my school run friend got a positive covid test. So it was all hands on deck helping to get her children into school. The added crazy bouns was that Ethan’s school transport had to change for the last two days of this week. They got stuck in traffic and to help with the delays it was easier for me to drive Ethan to school. Ethan was late for school but he was in.

We have a new routine tonight as we are trying a new after school activity. Hopefully, that won’t end up in another crazy adventure. We really have had our fair share of them this week.

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