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Word Of The Week – Disruption

With Ethan still in isolation this week there was much disruption to our normal school week routine. Ethan’s PCR test was negative and we have been testing him daily with the lateral flow tests. So thankfully the disruption wasn’t because of anyone being poorly.


Little E had to face the most disruption. We had to cancel her birthday tea and only Darren and her grandparents could watch her ballet show on Saturday. I couldn’t get her to her ballet lesson this week and she had to walk to school with our friends for most of the week. Darren was able to take her to school on Monday and Tuesday. I also even left the house once this week picking her up on Tuesday evening.

Little E also had to face another big disruption as they also had to close her school. The positive covid rates increased at her school too and they had no option but to close. This means that Friday was her last day at school. It was her last day in year two, when she returns in September she will be a junior. The school are meant to be sending home learning to us from Monday to Wednesday as the summer holidays officially start on Thursday. To be honest I think this is a little bit unfair of them.

Ethan has been very bored at home. He has been giving the cats way too much attention and disrupting their normal sleeping routine. He did have three zoom lessons. It was hard getting him to sit still but he took part as much as he could. He will go back to school on Monday for three days. We did have the option of keeping him at home. To be honest I think the school routine is just what he needs for three days. It will also give him the chance to say goodbye to his class and teacher as he will be moving up to the senior section in September.

This wasn’t the week we were expecting. It is also making me feel that covid is very close to home again. The final opening up on Monday is worrying me. I have actually thought about changing some of our summer holiday plans. But we also need to live and keeping the children at home for seven weeks isn’t going to do any of us any good.

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