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Word Of The Week – Isolating

After last week full of events this week is a total contrast. Ethan is now officially isolating as he is being classed as a close contact with someone who has tested positive with covid-19. Well, it isn’t just Ethan, they have had to close his whole school.


It was all going so well but this week they had six confirmed cases in his school. These would have been in the senior section of the school as they are the pupils that are testing. The problem is that nearly all of the children in Ethan’s school travel via school transport to get there. Working out the close contacts for the positive pupils was a real complication. The advice from public health was to treat everyone as a close contact and close the school as not everyone was able to test. So now Ethan is isolating for ten days.

Unfortunately, Ethan’s isolation period has had a dramatic impact on Little E’s life. Little E turns seven on Sunday, we didn’t have major plans but a little tea party with the grandparents. Our friends were also meant to come at Little E’s request for a paddling pool day. This of course was the first thing we had to cancel.

This Saturday is also Little E’s ballet show. A show that they had to cancel when we went into lockdown last year. I wasn’t sure if she could still take part but it is only Ethan that has to isolate. So the show will go on and I will stay at home with Ethan. Both Darren and Little E will take a lateral flow test on Saturday for peace of mind. He will watch the show with Little E’s grandparents and hopefully, he will film her dance for me. I say hopefully as Darren can sometimes have issues with technology.

Ethan isolating at home also means I need help with Little E’s school run. Leaving Ethan at home on his own isn’t possible. Even if at his age you can possibly consider it. This option is just not a possibility for us. Thankfully I have been able to call on a friend and Little E is walking to school with them. This is a big step for her as I have always been with her. The only time I haven’t been able to go on the school run is when I have to go to London. At those times it is either Darren or nanny that helps us. With Ethan having to isolate we are again at a place where nanny has to stay away from us.

There have been tears, I was totally expecting this as no one wants to have to cancel a birthday. You think we would all be used to this by now! But we will re-arrange a birthday tea for Little E. If we ever make it onto the Disney Magic Seacation there has also been the promise of some spending. We will make Sunday as special as we can for her and eat way too much chocolate birthday cake between the four of us.

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