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Word Of The Week – Draining

It has been three weeks since I last got the chance to write a word of the week post. These past three weeks have been extremely hectic and very draining. They have also flown by so quickly!


I didn’t really think that having Ethan at home with covid was a draining week. He was actually very easy to look after. He spent his time playing on the switch and staying close to me when he felt poorly. But I think his swollen cheek, sorting out doctors, antibiotics and the dentist appointment must have taken their toll. I was very tired when both children were back at school.

Being a working mum means I didn’t get the chance to rest. My team had an urgent project to turn around and a report to create. I ended up working 12 days straight to complete the most urgent work. Darren helped with the children on his days off. Whilst I did my normal juggling on all of the other days.

The break we had last weekend was really needed. I caught up on housework, well ironing as that is the only thing I ever feel like I do. Met up with friends to take alpacas for a walk. And I also had my covid booster. It was lovely having the chance to get out and about. Going on the alpaca trek was a lovely treat too.

This week the pressure has relaxed a bit at work. I hope it stays that way this side of Christmas. I’m keeping everything crossed that we have no more covid visits. We have plans to visit family and Christmas events to look forward to. I’m keeping all plans secret from the children at the moment as I would hate to upset them if we have to cancel something.

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