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Word Of The Week – Excited

This week our word of the week is


as Ethan has been very excited all week.

December is now upon us which means the countdown to Christmas has begun. Ours started with a trip to Lapland UK for their superstar day. When we gave Ethan his letter from Father Christmas inviting him to Lapland UK he wasn’t really that bothered, but as soon as Little E was awake he was very excited. Showing her the letters and repeating ‘Father Christmas’ mixed in his babble talk over and over again.

I think both children enjoyed Lapland UK and they both took part in the activities. Ethan was very excited to get the chance to ice skate again, he tried to get on the ice without skates!

Ethan was also very excited about meeting Father Christmas and said ‘Hello Father Christmas’ as soon as we went into the room. Father Christmas was very good with both of the children considering he didn’t get much back from them in terms of speech.

To help with the travel time to Lapland UK we decided to stay overnight at a local premier inn. This also caused great excitement and the children loved their night away from home. They actually slept better there than they did at Legoland which was good news for us.

This week also brought with it advent calendar’s and the return of Elf on the Shelf. I think Ethan is more excited about the advent calendar than Ralph’s return but chocolate will always win with him!

Unfortunately the excitement has had to end with a bout of illness as Ethan isn’t really well at the moment. He has a terrible cough which I’m worried could be croup so we will be heading to the doctors today to get him checked out. This will be stressful as Ethan won’t even let me near him to take his temperature at the moment. I think the doctors trip will be Darren’s job today.

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10 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Excited”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Ethan is still a little rough, hopefully it passes soon. I hate seeing him ill. Thank you for hosting x

  1. Ah bless him, what a rubbish end to a great week. I hope he is feeling better soon. Joe used to suffer with coup it is awful, I remember sitting in the bathroom with him to get the steam to his chest just to give him a bit of relief. x

  2. Such excitement and lots going on at the start of the week,it did make me giggle to think of Ethan trying to skate without shoes. My boy tried it last year and got really surprised at how yet his socks got!!
    I hope Ethan gets better soon, there’s so much going around.

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