Lapland UK Superstar Day 2015

Lapland UK Superstar Day 2015

Last year we visited Lapland UK. We did say we wouldn’t return until Little E was old enough to understand and enjoy the Christmas magic. So you can image Darren’s surprise when I was bugging him to take us again this year. I had looked into Breakfast with Santa at Colchester Zoo again. The price increase at the zoo meant there wasn’t that much difference in going there or Lapland UK. The bonus with Lapland UK is that Ethan would get the chance to ice skate again. We are allowed on the ice wearing our snow boots which means we can support him.

Lapland UK Superstar Day 2015

So on the 1st of December Ralph and Roxy, our elf on the shelf arrived. Not only did he have advent calendars but very special invitations for Ethan and Little E.  The invitations were from Father Christmas inviting them to visit him at Lapland UK.

lapland uk invites advent calendars

Ethan wasn’t very excited at first. As soon as Little E was up he excitedly babbled to her about the letters and Father Christmas.

After a long journey, we arrived at the Elf forest and was transported to Lapland UK.

lapland uk entrance
woodland elf welcome to lapland uk
woodland elf lapland uk superstar day
ethan snowy christmas tree walk
darren little e lapland uk snowy christmas tree walk

Our first stop was at the toy factory to help the elves build the toys. We made a reindeer and wooden horses before singing with the elves.

lalpland uk toy factory sign
ethan making reindeer toy lapland uk toy factory
darren ethan little e reindeer toy lapland uk toy factory
darren ethan little e making wooden horses lapland uk toy factory
toy wooden horse lapland uk toy factory
ethan little e making music lapland uk superstar day

The next stop was to help Mother Christmas make gingerbread.

mother christmas lapland uk superstar day
ethan little e decorating gingerbread lapland uk superstar day
little e decorating gingerbread lapland uk superstar day
jane ethan little e mother christmas kitchen lapland uk superstar day
darren ethan little e mother christmas kitchen lapland uk superstar day

I knew from last year that Ethan would enjoy the activities. I was pleasantly surprised by how much Little E got involved. She had a fantastic time playing the instruments and tasting the gingerbread!

After the set activities, Ethan was able to take to the ice again. This was the highlight of the day for him last year. He was eager to get back on the ice.

welcome to elf village sign lapland uk superstar day
jane ethan ice skating lapland uk superstar day

Whilst Ethan was busy on the ice Little E was enjoying running around the elf village. She loved her freedom!

little e elf village lapland uk superstar day
little e walking around elf village lapland uk superstar day
little e snowy christmas trees lapland uk superstar day
little e meeting reindeer character
little e reindeer character cuddle
little e chasing husky character

After being completely worn out by both children we left the elf village early. We made our way through the snowy forest to see Father Christmas.

Little E wasn’t happy about this and nearly cried the whole way as we walked to visit Father Christmas.

ethan snowy trees
ethan woodland snowy path
darren ethan little e woodland snowy path
reindeer lapland uk
darren jane ethan little e santas sleigh
family photo visiting father christmas lapland uk superstar day

Our time with Father Christmas was my highlight. I did think that Little E would cry when we met him. She really wasn’t in the best mood and very tired. Thankfully she didn’t but we didn’t dare take her out of her buggy. Ethan was amazing with Father Christmas and was very excited. Our time wasn’t rushed. Father Christmas happily talked to both children even though he didn’t get much back to work with.

So did we enjoy our second visit to Lapland UK?

We did but having a toddler to entertain is tiring and makes it a very different experience. We did think the activities last year were better. They made one toy last year so had more time singing in the Toy Factory. There was also singing with Mother Christmas that we didn’t do this year. We had a much smaller group last year on our tour. I’m wondering if perhaps the tours are running late they change them as required. We only noticed this because it was our second visit. I don’t think it would have taken your enjoyment away if this was your first experience.

There was more attention to detail with the snow and trees this year. The paths were longer and wound into the trees more. This is what makes the visit to Lapland UK so special for me. I loved there were more snowy trees to walk through. The village was set out differently but we didn’t get to look around as much as we did last year.

We also didn’t eat there this year as we took a packed lunch with us. We ate this before our tour started. This saved money and time. Prices for food are expensive in the village but then they have a captive audience. I wouldn’t say it was any different in price from eating out in a theme park.

Ethan enjoyed the ice skating but it was very slippery this year. This could be because it had rained on Monday night. It also wasn’t as cold this year which might have had an impact.

This year you visited the reindeer before visiting Father Christmas, last year it was after. I preferred this as it added time to your walk in the snowy forest.

Our visit with Father Christmas was a perfect end to our day.

Will we return to Lapland UK?

Next year we have decided that we want to try a different Christmas experience with the Children. Lapland UK has been perfect for Ethan. How the day is staged means there is no queuing, which for us means no distress. If we do return I want Little E to be older to enjoy it more. I would love for her to be able to take part in the ice skating.

Lapland UK is a very expensive experience. If you break down what it is included in the price of the child’s ticket I don’t think it is that bad if you pay the lower price for tickets. I do think that you shouldn’t be charged for the photo with Father Christmas. I think that should be factored into the adult price. You also pay the same price for a child over one even though they can’t take part in all of the village activities. I think that perhaps children under two or three should be a lower rate.

If you can only experience Lapland UK once I would say wait until your child is 4 or over. This way they will get the full benefit of the day.

3 thoughts on “Lapland UK Superstar Day 2015”

  1. Looks like a beautiful day out you have had. It looks so magical- perfect for our little ones. We haven’t been to Lapland, I think it’s worth to put in on t he list for next year. 🙂 #countrykids

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I think it is a great place to capture the magic of Christmas, I don’t think you will be disappointed x

  2. What a great experience for you all, it’s great that you managed to get to Lapland UK again. Little E looks so excited to be joining in with all the different activities that they had planned for you. It’s great to see you and Ethan enjoying your time on the ice rink, he looks so pleased to be able to have another go on there. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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