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Word Of The Week – Fixed

After all of last weeks issues, this week was all about getting the issues fixed. From my tooth to Darren’s ankle, misplaced packages and broken boilers every issue was fixed.


Tuesday was the plan for my tooth removal. My tooth didn’t hurt me but my gum and the area around it hurt. Over the course of the week, it got more and more uncomfortable. By Tuesday dare I say it but I couldn’t wait to have my tooth out. I was very nervous but gave myself a good talking to on Tuesday morning. I have had two c-sections surely I can cope with having a tooth out!

Darren was here on Tuesday so he was able to drive me to and from my appointment. My appointment was at 11 am and the dentist said it would take 30 minutes. I was out in twenty. Apparently, the tooth behaved itself and didn’t put up a fight. I asked to see the tooth as I have had so much trouble with it over these past years. There was an infection at the end of the root so even if it hadn’t broken I think we would have had to look at removing it. I was in pain all day on Tuesday but by Wednesday I no longer needed my pain medication for the first time in over a week.

Darren made sure I was well before looking into fixing his ankle. He visited A&E on Tuesday as he was worrying that he might have broken it. They gave him an X-ray and thankfully he just has a bad sprain. His time in A&E wasn’t that long and thankfully Darren was home in time for dinner.

Our boiler was the other item that needed fixing this week. The gas man had to visit us two times to replace different parts. Fingers crossed the boiler has been good and hasn’t cut out the electrics again. It is a wait and see situation. Let’s hope that next week is calmer than our previous two weeks!

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Fixed”

  1. What a relief to get everything fixed. I’m glad you are no longer suffering with your tooth and that your husband’s ankle was no more than a sprain. I hope it heals soon now. Good news about the boiler too. I remember when ours broke in the middle of winter and we had no heating for days.

  2. I’m glad that your tooth removal went smoothly and that the pain is much better now. Good news that Darren’s ankle isn’t broken and hope that it heals quickly. Fingers crossed that your boiler is now all mended and works well from now on. #WotW

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