ethan holding umbrella rainy day school run

Project 365 2021 Week 24 Day’s 163-169

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 24. After last week which was full of issues, this week was all about getting those issues fixed. It was also our first full week of getting back into our school, work and after-school club routine. Little E is joining in with her first after-school club. Her school is running a Spanish club for a few weeks this term. The clubs they normally run at school haven’t taken place this year due to Covid.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 24

Day 163

custom made minnie mouse cruise ears

I might have booked another Disney adventure. The Disney Magic is cruising around the UK waters in the summer. There are lots of hurdles to jump through to get on the ship. We also need to get Ethan used to the covid tests as he has big sensory issues around them. Trying to be in a positive mindset that it will happen I ordered us some custom Minnie Mouse ears. If I don’t get to wear them with Little E this summer, I’m sure we will in the future.

Day 164

darren playing oculus

We visited my brother and his family today. The last time we were able to visit them was last August. My brother loves gadgets so he got himself an oculus for Christmas. Both Darren and I had a quick go. I think it might be on Darren’s Christmas list for this year.

Day 165

green blue peter badge little es hand

Little E’s class has been working on an environmental project all term and they applied for Blue Peter badges. She came home with her green Blue Peter badge today. I have registered for the card and I hope to use it for some days out. People with Blue Peter badges can get into certain attractions for free.

Day 166

tooth removal dentist after care package

I had my tooth out today, I was really nervous but I did it. The dentist was expecting the appointment to take thirty minutes but I was out in twenty. This was the care package I was sent home with. I was in pain all day but so proud of myself for being brave.

Day 167

30 degrees car temperature gauge 2021 Week 24

It was so hot today and my hay fever has been horrible for ages. This past week has been some of my worst days along with the pain from my tooth. This was the temperature when I was collecting Little E from ballet at 5 pm!

Day 168

rainy puddles 2021 Week 24

The rain came which I was happy about. It wasn’t that bad on the school run, it was still warm but hopefully, the rain helps reduce my hay fever symptoms.

Day 169

ethan holding umbrella rainy day school run 2021 Week 24

More rain today and it was really heavy during the school run which called for umbrellas. Ethan isn’t an umbrella fan as he likes to use his arms like car window wipers to wipe away the water from his face. He did carry this umbrella all the way to school.

That was our 2021 Week 24 adventure. You can read about our week 23 here.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 24 Day’s 163-169”

  1. Ohh! How exciting to have booked another Disney adventure.
    How exciting for Little E to get a Blue Peter badge. I always wanted one when I was kid.
    The rain we had on Friday was lovely! I was out in it and didn’t mind one bit as it was still warm. x

  2. Oh how exciting to have a Disney adventure planned will keep everything crossed for you. Well done on the tooth hope it is feeling much better now? Lots of rain on our school runs too but glad its helped with the hayfever.

  3. How lovely to have another Disney adventure to look forward to and good luck with getting Ethan used to the covid tests. Well done to little E on getting her green Blue Peter badge. Glad that having your tooth out went smoothly and hope you are now feeling much better. Hay fever is horrible – hope the rain this week has helped ease that. #project365

  4. We have just had the dentist here too – thankfully no tooth removal but do have to have a filling. I would love to do a disney cruise, I bet you cannot wait

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