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Word Of The Week – Forty

This week our word of the week is


as Darren celebrated his fortieth birthday. It also officially marked us being together for ten years as we met just before his thirtieth birthday.

To celebrate his birthday we stayed in a Luxury Spa Suite at Elveden Forest Center Parcs. This was Darren’s choice as we discussed having a party but having to take into account all of Ethan’s needs and the fact that we have a very active toddler, we decided it would be better to take advantage of my mum’s offer of babysitting.

It was so lovely to switch off for the day, some much-needed respite. We even went out for an evening meal in the village. It was so nice to have some time were you only had to think of yourself.

We celebrated Darren’s birthday with the children by having a birthday cake with candles on Wednesday night. Yesterday we had dinner at Pizza hut, which everyone enjoyed. We even discovered that Ethan had some new food items added to the what he eats list.

It has been a lovely week and the perfect way for us all to celebrate Darren turning forty.

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