First Lost Tooth

Last week our Word of the Week was teeth. We discovered that both of Ethan’s bottom teeth were wobbly with the new ones already growing behind, this put us on teeth watch. I was so worried that Ethan would end up swallowing the teeth so I would check his teeth about five times a day.

Yesterday morning Ethan finally lost his first tooth. I would like to say that Ethan was aware of the tooth and the fact that it fell out but unfortunately it didn’t happen like that.

Ethan likes to chew on his towel after his bath and when Darren took the towel from him his tooth went with it. Darren did have to rescue the tooth from being eaten but thankfully we have a tooth to leave for the tooth fairy tonight.

Thankfully loosing his first tooth hasn’t caused Ethan an issue, I was worried that he might freak out because of it but he hasn’t really responded to this experience.


14 thoughts on “First Lost Tooth”

  1. We are waiting for this to happen here at the moment and I’m really not sure how Monkey will react when it actually comes out. He goes from being excited to crying already. We’ve been on wobble alert since Christmas Eve and I am also worried that this one will get swallowed or lost at school! Well done to Ethan for taking it in his stride x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I never thought that wobbly teeth could cause so much stress. I’m so glad we didn’t miss this one falling out x

  2. This always seems like such a huge milestone to me – Children that lose their teeth are big enough for adult teeth! I can’t imagine LP losing her first tooth x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you. You really do learn to think about how something so small can be such a huge thing in an autism house. Learning something new everyday x

  3. I am so pleased there wasn’t any issues…My eldest used to freak out when she had a loose tooth. She wouldn’t eat properly. lol The drama queen! I hope the tooth fairy is generous x

  4. Glad that Ethan wasn’t upset by losing his teeth. Hugh’s recently lost his bottom two teeth – I hadn’t even noticed they were wobbly when the first one fell out – never to be found. The second one I checked constantly and it too fell out without me spotting it. Thankfully we found that one though!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Isn’t it a nightmare. I’m sure we are going to find one in the bed. Darren was convinced we missed it. They moved around quite a bit x

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