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Word Of The Week – Grieving

It feels like a lifetime ago since I wrote a word of the week post. I’m sure it’s not but this year has continued to give us some moments! My last word of the week post was about Little E finally catching covid. Since that post not only did I get a year older but I have also been grieving the loss of my dad.


The passing of my dad was very quick and sudden. It was something we weren’t expecting but then I suppose you never are expecting something like that. It happened on the first Friday of our Easter holidays. Meaning the Easter holidays did turn into a bit of a blur. We didn’t have any big plans with the children but I found I needed to avoid people.

I still worked through the holidays. Telling my work that I was grieving and that I couldn’t face any meetings. I just couldn’t face people as I didn’t feel I had my emotions in check. I just kept to email. Thankfully we didn’t have any pressure from deadlines but the work I did have helped to keep my mind occupied. I found keeping busy helped my grieving process during the day. But I do still feel like my mind can’t hold that much information in it at the moment.

Returning to the school routine has helped me this week. I have had to get out of the house for school. It has been good to talk to familiar faces too. Some who know my news and some who don’t. The grieving process is weird and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. I’m sure I still have a way to go but as with everything its about taking each day as it comes.

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