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Word Of The Week – HOT!

This week there was no over word that I could use to sum it up. It has been


Our house is a new build and it holds the heat, which is perfect in the winter but not so good in the summer. We have been keeping an eye on the temperature on our thermostat all week, it has been a point of great discussion, and last night it reached 27 degrees. To put this into perspective in the winter when we put the heating on we set it between 21.5 – 22 degrees.

This meant Darren has dug out the fans and we even brought Little E a fan for her room on Tuesday. We have had three fans running since Tuesday trying to keep us cool. Our electricity bill is going to be fun!

This year Ethan has decided that he is scared of the fans. We have no idea where this has come from as last year he had great fun switching them on and off. This has also meant he has been harder to get to sleep at night as he hasn’t been sure about the fan in his room. We have had to keep it in there as he had a nose bleed on Monday night and we need to keep him as cool as possible to keep the nose bleeds at bay.

The heat also means that it’s paddling pool time! We have had the paddling pool out ready for when Ethan gets home from school. This is a first for Little E and it’s been fantastic watching them both having fun in the water. Having a sibling to play with has made Ethan enjoy the water even more and it really has been the highlight of our week.

It has also been quite a big week for Little E. Not only has she had the milestone of being in the paddling pool for the first time, we also took her for a paddle in the sea on Wednesday. There was even some first steps on Tuesday and she walked right into the middle of our front room.

So even though this week has been hot which has brought with it some struggles, it has also brought with it a pretty amazing week.

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15 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – HOT!”

  1. My Life As A Mummy

    SNAP! on our words this week!
    We have had our fan on constant as well! I was hoping that now it’s summer my Gas & Electric bill would fall because not needing the heat, but I fear it will be just as high because of the fan!
    I wonder why Ethan is not liking the fan this year?
    Well done Little E for walking. I am looking forward to the day when Lucas finally walks!

    Laura x x x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I have no idea why he doesn’t like the fan. I think it’s just because it is something new in the room. Lucas will get there I’m sure, Little E hasn’t done it as much now. I think she has changed her mind lol x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I wish I knew, but we are keeping them on as I don’t think he has an issue because of the sound or anything. The paddling pool has been lots of fun x

  2. Oh I feel your pain – and we’ve been seeing similar temperatures on our thermostat, which is odd as we’ve a cold house normally and our heating never usually goes above 21 in the winter (much to MOH’s annoyance). Usually we can rely on our house to be cool in the hot weather but not this week, and yes the fan has been a godsend especially overnight. Here’s hoping to some slightly cooler weather next week (but still sunny please!!) #wotw

  3. What a pain about the fan-you really don’t have much choice though in this heat. But yay to the first steps and paddling pool. Oh and our thermostat read 29 degrees upstairs on Wednesday evening. That was hot, even for me x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      29!!! Your house has beat ours lol. The paddling pool really has been fun for both children x

  4. Oh so definitely hot! On Wednesday night we had the thermometer in the bathroom while we were bathing the kids – 31.9! And poor Pip’s bedroom thermometer has been making angry red sad faces at me all week – today’s been cooler though, hopefully it will last!

  5. Oh I feel for you with the heat in the house!, our fans have been on constantly.
    I hope Ethan gets over his fear of the fan,
    And lovely news of Little E’s fab milestones x

  6. Wow what a week – well done to Little E on her first steps and her first paddle in the sea. Hot is definitely a very good word for the week – we’ve had fans on too and been making the most of using the paddling pool to cool down. Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  7. My son has a real thing for fans. he’ll drag you into any number of random shops if they have a fan in them!
    When we put one on the landing one very hot summer though he hated it and I never discovered why. Strange isn’t it.

  8. It sure has been hot, hot, hot!! I know what you mean about the fans, some can be noisy and distracting. We have one in Little Mister’s room and when it’s on it has a small red dot which he just seems mesmorised about. You can see him watching this dot move from side to side and is rather uncertain about it. Strange!
    But we have needed a fan otherwise we would’ve sweltered! I hope Ethan gets over this issue soon
    And some amazing little milestones too; first steps are just the best!

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