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First Paddle In The Sea

When Ethan is at school I take Little E to different baby groups and we get out of the house most mornings. Now that Darren works a shift we have more freedom on the days he is at home and he kept saying that he wanted to go to the beach for a walk. A lovely idea but I couldn’t shake the guilt that Ethan was missing out on a trip when he is at school.

It’s a silly feeling to have but every day out for the past five years has been Ethan based. I came to realise that Little E is missing out on the fun that Ethan had experienced and the weekends go too quickly to fit everything in. So I gave myself a good talking too and on the hottest day of the year we decided a morning walk along the beach was called for.

We had already taken Little E to see the sea but it was too cold for a paddle so this trip was going to be her official first paddle in the sea.


We knew we wasn’t going to stay for long so we didn’t take her swimsuit. This did restrict her a bit as she wanted to sit down but we didn’t want her to get to wet. We have a few beach days planned over the summer to that will make up for it.

I think Little E enjoyed it as there were no tears even if it did take some getting used too.
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