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Word Of The Week – Time

The children have been enjoying their Easter holiday for the past two weeks. I had to continue working the first week and juggle having them at home. But for the second week of the holiday, I had some time off from work. We had some Easter plans which included a weekend away but this is the first week in the past year that I felt I finally got some time to sort things out.


Easter was the anniversary of my dad passing away. So I think I wanted us to be away so I could keep busy. Rightly or wrongly I worked through my grief last Easter, not having any time off to process things. And the year that followed was a complete roller-coaster of emotions. A year that had many highs and lows. After coming off my anxiety medication because it was going to be a good year I will be the first to admit that it wasn’t! So I’m hoping that making this Easter a positive experience by going away, this year will follow suit. Hopefully.

Our plans kept us busy for Easter weekend. We stayed at Hembsy in a friend’s holiday let. We visited Hembsy last year during our visit to Great Yarmouth and I was glad to get the chance to return. Our weekend included renting a day boat on the Norfolk Broads and visiting Bewilderwood. We were busy but we also had a mix of downtime.

The rest of our time off has been spent at home. I have been able to take the time to sort some things out. There has been life admin that needed addressing. Ethan’s admin always comes first I finally had the time to sort out some of Darren’s. We had the time to order and make some more things from Ikea for our home. Meaning some purchases have been ticked off of our list. I have also taken the time to look after my health. I haven’t been feeling right lately so I had a doctor’s appointment booked and some blood tests have been done to check some things.

This week has also given me time to step away from the computer for a bit. I needed the break. I read the fourth Maze Runner book and started the fifth one. It is the final one in my current collection. I think two more Maze Runner books are available since the publication of this set. I really needed this time off and I’m already thinking about when can I have my next time off. Thankfully we have a few bank holidays in May to enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Time”

  1. It sounds like you have made good use of your time this Easter. I’m sorry you have to suffer grief at this time of year, I know what it’s like, my grief falls over the Christmas holiday. It sounds like you fitted at lot in and I’m glad you managed some downtime and a holiday. x

  2. I hope the anniversary of your dad’s passing was as gentle as it could have been. Sometimes it helps to be busy, I think, and sometimes we need the space to focus on grief. Glad you had some time away over Easter. Sounds like you’ve had a productive time too sorting out life admin as well as having some down-time to read. I hope everything is ok with your blood tests. #WotW

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