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Word Of The Week – Nine

It was time for us to celebrate Little E turning nine years old this week. We have been very busy the past few weeks rushing around for many different reasons. This week’s rushing was all in aid of celebrating Little E.


The week started with a stay at the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel. We have stayed there quite a few times but Little E was too young to really remember. So her birthday request was to stay there. She choose an adventure room, Ethan always chose pirate rooms so it was a nice change. This was our first overnight stay at LEGOLAND since lockdown and things have changed. The Bricks restaurant used to be all-you-can-eat buffet style but now it has a menu and waiter service. We all really enjoyed our stay but I don’t think we will stay overnight at LEGOLAND again. The children are getting older and there are other places we want to explore, but we do have a few more trips planned to LEGOLAND this year.

Little E turned nine on a school day, to make her day different we went out to eat that night. She chose Prezzo for her birthday meal. We took one of her new school friends with us and had her ninth birthday cake at nanny’s house.

Little E also got to celebrate her best friend from her old school’s ninth birthday. Their birthdays are one day apart and they had a joint birthday party last year. This year we went to a trampoline park. I told Ethan a little white lie so he stayed at nanny’s so that Little E could enjoy her time with her friend.

It was a great week for Little E but I’m glad all of our busy plans have come to an end. We are now in the last week of school for this year group. I’m looking forward to the summer holiday break of no school runs. I know it will be a hard juggle with work, but it always is. Hopefully, we have some things planned that will help the kids put up with my working days.

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