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Word Of The Week – Rushing

It’s coming to the end of the school year bringing with it lots of activities as the school year draws to a close. Little E’s dance show is also upon us as well as the countdown to her ninth birthday. This means I have spent the past two weeks rushing around. I haven’t had a moment to stop and I won’t be getting one anytime soon.


For Little E’s dance show, we have had to be at theatre rehearsals, costume photoshoots as well as her normal dance classes. Her show took place today and it was a long day for her. She danced so well and I really hope she enjoyed herself. Ethan has also been busy at school, we have had his sports day to attend. This was the first one since the covid lockdowns. He also had activity days this year and we have been preparing him for those.

Little E has been preparing for her move up to year five. There was a whole school transition day this week which I think she enjoyed. I think she likes her new teacher but there have been mentions of strict. Ethan is staying in his current class for his year nine education. We are all very happy with this as we can see that he has improved quite a bit with his current teacher. Some of his friends are moving classes but I don’t think it will cause Ethan too much of a problem.

Every day we have had to remember all the places we need to be. I have been rushing from one place to another to get to all of our activities and appointments as we have had a few of those thrown in for good measure too. We did also find time for Little E to have another play date at her friend’s house. Ethan also had an invite as the warm weather meant they could use the pool. We still have a busy few weeks ahead of us. We are all looking forward to the summer holidays which will hopefully give us a chance to slow down.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Rushing”

  1. I do remember those days of rushing around at the end of term. This year I’ve had one child finish school and one child go back. There does not seem to be anything excited planned for the end of the year. It sounds like Little E had a busy day but I’m glad she’s getting on well with her dancing. I’m sure Ethan will be fine at school, as will Little E. x

  2. It sounds like a very busy time for you.
    Well done to Little E with the dance show and I hope to move to year 5 goes well. It sounds like Ethan is doing great at school too.

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