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Word Of The Week – Parcels

This week was another busy week for receiving deliveries. It wasn’t long before we had an influx of parcels again. Not as many boxes as we got in the run-up to Ethan’s birthday but we did have to collect some of the parcels as we missed the first delivery.


I only get new clothes whenever we are going away anywhere so my wardrobe needed a little refresh. Normally I’m OK for summer bits as they are the least worn items in my wardrobe but the lockdown hasn’t been kind and I needed some items that would fit me. I also had a 20% discount for Adidas so I ordered myself some Gazelles. When I went to New York in my twenties I got some Gazelles. They were the most comfortable shoes I have had in a long time. Let’s hope these trainers live up to their memory.

Darren let me buy a new toy this week. It is something we were thinking about getting last year but with lockdown, we knew that it wouldn’t get any use. He let me order a gimble. I wanted one to help me film the children without any camera shake. They like to keep me on my toes when we are out and about. I did miss this delivery which meant I needed to take a trip into town. It did give me a chance to pick up my new glasses though. Giving us one less job to do at the weekend.

I also had to order us some motion sickness tablets. This weekend we were finally getting the chance to go on our seal spotting trip. We booked it last February and it was a surprise for the children. I think me and Ethan suffer from seasickness and it is better to be safe than sorry. I ordered the tablets from boots but they took their time to arrive. In the end, Darren had to collect the parcel from the sorting office before we left for our trip on Saturday.

We are now heading into the May half term week. Both Darren and I have the week off of work. I’m looking forward to some screen free family time. That’s if the children actually get off of their iPad’s!

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  1. I hope you have lots of fun things planned for your screen free week. WE always get a ton of parcels in our house, thanks to having two other adults who are buying stuff all the time. Enjoy your half term

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