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Word Of The Week – Planning

This week our word of the week is


as it has been a week of making future plans.

The first thing we planned was a break away for next year. The summer holidays taught us a lot about the kind of breaks we need to take with Ethan. What works and what doesn’t. This means that next year we are returning to Center Parcs as we felt that we were able to keep Ethan entertained there and we were also able to relax. The summer holidays proved, once again, that Ethan needs to be kept busy. It needs to be activities that he enjoys, where anxiety levels are kept low. A calm and happy Ethan in-turn makes things more relaxed for us.

There have also been quite a lot of plans made for Christmas activities. A letter was sent home today about all of the upcoming Christmas events at a school. We are realising that having a child at school can really keep you busy. We are not sure if Darren will be able to make it to Ethan’s Christmas Play due to his shift, but we knew this could happen in this job.

As we are officially now on half term we have been planning what we are going to be doing next week. We have things that we want to do with the children as well as errands to run. We just have to work out our plan of action. We also have a trip to Legoland this half term, which I booked over a year ago. I’m worried that it might be too busy for Ethan but we already know our plan to keep Ethan clam whilst there.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Planning”

  1. Lots of plans! I’m thinking Christmas now, and my daughter brought a newsletter home last night with details of the fair, lunch, carol concert- the list goes on! Lovely to have a holiday booked to look forward to, and I hope you have a great half term x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Ah Center Parks is a great place especially if you are a little girl and find money floating around that you are later allowed to spend on a chalk board. I hope you enjoy holidaying there again next year. #WotW

  3. Oh yes, having a child at school really can keep you busy and I find if I don’t have all of the activities penciled in my planner I’m all over the place!
    I hope your day trip to Legoland is enjoyed and the weather stays nice for you – it’s been lovely here considering it’s the end of October – and you don’t have as many hiccups with the non routine as you did in the Summer hols

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