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Word Of The Week – Plans

This week was our last week of term before the Easter holidays. After my week of being spoilt, it was a pretty normal week. It was nice counting down the last of things before getting to have a two-week break. Well, I say two-week break. The children have a two-week break we have the work, and holiday juggle. So this week feels like I have been making plans on how to use our time.


We do actually have some plans for the Easter holidays and some time off of work. With the cost of living crisis and moving house, I have felt that we haven’t been able to plan things. But I have hopefully found some fun things for us to do during our week off that are within our budget.

I’m looking forward to having some time together as a family. Our last break in the summer holidays wasn’t as relaxing as it should have been. With our cat Neo passing away and all the stress of selling our house it didn’t feel right. It will be good to have the pressure of work taken off of our shoulders for a bit and make some new memories.

Our plans also involve the children having some days in the new kids club. Due to the costs, we can only afford one day a week but Little E has picked the best days to go. One day is a craft day. I’m sure Ethan will be giving all craft activities a miss. The other mentioned something about Nerf guns. I’m sure they will be exhausted after that day!

We also have another Ikea delivery planned during our time off. Which means we will have to fit time in for building. I might just need two weeks off! We just need to get through the next week of juggling and then hopefully our plans will take place.

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