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Word Of The Week – Standing

This week our word of the week is


as Little E has mastered the art of standing up.


She really cracked this new skill on Monday and now there is no stopping her. She has to pull herself up but she is getting more confident everyday. We are waiting to see when this turns into cursing so that we can then go and buy her first pair of shoes.

Ethan has found this all very funny and spent the first part of the week laughing at her with a very fake laugh. It’s nice to know that this change hasn’t scared him and he is very accepting of it.

It has also been our first half term and it has been a very quiet one for us. Mostly because of the way that Darren’s shift has fallen but also because we need to recover from Ethan’s birthday celebrations.

We also experienced our first respite day as Ethan went into school for a play day. It really upset Ethan and the following day he didn’t really want to be around Little E. He kept asking for her to be ‘put away!’

We also had a nightmare putting him to bed that night and we had to resort to giving him a tablet.

Little E has also started crying when we put her into bed at night, she was really good at self-soothing but this has changed. We have been leaving her to cry it out and she is normally asleep in five minutes but I find this really hard. I do feel we are a little tougher on Little E because of the sleep issues we have with Ethan.

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11 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Standing”

  1. Awww a huge well done to her. She looks like she is really ready to explore and have some brand new adventures!! Hope the rest of half term is lovely and calm for you all x

  2. Bloggermummylauren

    Ah brilliant, well done Little E! She will be on the move before you know it!
    I think you are right with sleeping issues, my ASD son is terrible for getting down to sleep and I think when my daughter won’t go to sleep we are a little bit tougher on her than we would have been x

  3. Well done on standing, she looks very pleased with herself. Little E doesn’t sound like she takes too long to settle back down, although I can imagine it must feel like much longer to you x

  4. Aww clever Little E – well done! Such a lovely milestone and so glad that Ethan has found it funny and is fine with this change in Little E. Sorry that you had a difficult time with Ethan’s respite day and that Little E is a little more unsettled at bedtime – hope this gets better soon.

  5. Watch out world Little E is coming! won’t be long before she is on the move 🙂 Sir never liked the play days at school either but every summer I sent him.. every summer he played up. He wanted to stay home. So last year I didn’t send him. Saved myself money and a load of hassle.

  6. Sounds like a week of ups and downs, but well done Little E for mastering standing! And well done Ethan for taking her new skills in his stride 🙂 Hope everyone’s sleep settles down a bit soon x

  7. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Aww thats amazing that she is standing up already! Good luck with the sleeping at night routine. I hope it will be better soon. #wotw

  8. Oh that’s lovely that she’s standing up, not long until she’s walking now!! But where has that time gone?!
    I know bedtimes can be rather stressful – my little boy didn’t sleep for 15 months – but do what you think is best and don’t worry about being too hard on Little E. You’re best placed to know what’s best for both of your little ones and you’re doing a great job at figuring out the answers.

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