We Survived Starting School!

It’s the half term and we are all having a well deserved rest but we can proudly say we survived starting school!


We all feel that Ethan is enjoying school, we have reports that he is happy whilst he is there but there have been teething problems.

The school bus is a major issue, Ethan just doesn’t like getting on it. Ethan has to be placed on the bus and there is kicking, screaming and crying. It’s heart breaking to do and very emotionally draining. Some days it does get easier where Ethan just sits on the floor but I know that next Monday morning is going to be a battle because of this week off. There is no quick fix to this and I have a feeling this will be a work in progress for many years!

There was also concern about the little food Ethan was eating. They are letting him choose what he wants for school dinners, something we have never really done but I do like this idea. He was eager to choose items but then didn’t eat them.

I had to go through all of the lunch time menus and cross off what I didn’t think he would eat and highlight what he would. Telling them that he would always eat the pasta options. So far he has proved me totally wrong, picking all the items I said he wouldn’t eat and turning his nose up at pasta! I’m happy that he is trying new things but I just wish he would do that at home.

All of our routine has changed with Ethan starting school and we are all so glad it is half term. That is something I never thought I would say!

4 thoughts on “We Survived Starting School!”

  1. Well done to all of you 🙂 starting school is a huge change for the kids and parents alike. He’ll get used to the bus in time. I think you all deserve a huge pat on the back.

  2. So glad you are enjoying half-term and that Ethan seems to be enjoying school in spite of the difficulties with getting him on the school bus and concerns over what he was or wasn’t eating for lunch. Hope that next week will go more smoothly than you anticipate and hope you have a lovely weekend x

  3. Aww bless him, I hope you all enjoyed the break and that the return to school hasn’t been too traumatic.
    Ref the lunchtime issue, may be he’s pointing out the different foods and they’re taking that as an indication he’d like to try them. Difficult when E’s speech isn’t fully formulated yet. It will come, just taking its time.
    Anyway, you survived the first six weeks and only six or so more until the summer holidays (when you’ll have to prepare him all over after a long break).
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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